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All guests clap as Poonam does Sameer’s tilak. Munna and Pundit also gift him shogun. Mami ji puts a kala teeka behind Sameer’s ear. Munna and Pundit ask Poonam to add some spice to his BIL’s wedding. Mami ji gives her green signal. Poonam dances on Lo Chali Main. Bobby stands with a straight face. Munna and Pundit also pull Vishakha for the dance. Poonam dances happily around Sameer. Sameer mounts the horse and smiles / dances.

Bela begins to lift Naina’s dupatta when Preeti interrupts her that it took them very long to get Naina ready. We will take another 2-3 hours if you shift the dupatta now. Phula Bua tells her to let them follow the ritual. Naina’s hair will be combed. Kamya, Naina and Preeti get tensed. Naina says beautician fixed my hair after much difficulty.

She strictly warned me against moving my dupatta. We will need 2-3 hours to set them again. Bela supports their logic. Phula Bua also gives in. Bela shifts the comb around Naina’s head and completes the ritual. She dances happily on Meri Banno song. Anand, Naina and Rakesh get emotional. Anand also dances Bela in the dance. Rakesh smiles seeing his daughter happy. Bela kisses on Naina’s hands.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th February 2019

Phula Bua asks Bela if the aarti thaal is ready. Bela nods. Naina is trying to open the window but in vain.

Munna, Pundit and the guests are happily dancing in the Baraat. Mama ji has to shout at them to stop but Pundit demands for a particular song. Both friends dance crazily on the tune.

Preeti scares Naina. Are you in a rush to see Jija ji? Let the Baraat come. Naina is irked that she has been trying to open the window since so long but it isn’t opening. Preeti offers to try. Naina turns to go when her dupatta gets stuck in a nail.

Rakesh is irked that the Baraat hasn’t come yet. It is 8. They promised to be here by 7. Rahu & Ketu (Munna and Pundit) must be dancing. Anand tells him to calm down. They have done everything on their own. They deserve this time.

Munna and Pundit make the band guys play the songs of their requests. Vishakha happily dances on Pallo Latke song.

Kamya diverts Rinki while Preeti frees Naina’s dupatta. Are you out of your mind? What if Rinkis aw your permed hair? Naina asks her to open the window.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25 February 2019

Vishakha requests Bobby to dance too but he refuses. She requests him to do so just to show to people but he tells her he does not like showing off. Sameer looks on. Bobby holds Vishakha’s hand as she begins to go. We came here as guests. Don’t forget this. Stay here with me. She frees her hand. It is my son’s wedding today. Neither you nor even God can stop me from being a part of this celebration. Sameer smiles as Vishakha returns to his side.

The girls finally manage to open the window. Sameer waves at the girls. He is mesmerized seeing Naina. Rinki and Kamya run downstairs to see him from close. Preeti covers her eyes as Naina compliments Sameer through gestures. He points at the horse.

Voiceover – Naina & Sameer:
Every girl dreams to see her groom sitting on the horse as she dresses in red bridal attire. I had the same dream which came true that day. My heart was beating so fast that day yet I could still hear those heartbeats amidst all that noise.

Only a lover can understand that the best feeling in the world is to see your lover dressed as a bride! For a while, all our struggles and problems had fallen way behind us!

I couldn’t take my eyes off Sameer that day. I felt as if time has stopped. The happiness was so high that my eyes turned wet. I could only see one person clearly through those blurred eyes – Sameer.

All the happiness of the world was dancing in that Baraat but my eyes were stuck on the window where my Naina was standing. It was the most beautiful window of the world.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25 February

I was completely numb that day. So many emotions were passing from my mind.

Our first meeting or collision to be precise!

The way our eyes met!

My bet! Naina’s heartbreak!

My breaking down completely!

The journey of pretending to be in love because of bet till the time I really fell for Naina! Everything was just flashing right in front of my eyes that day.

Sameer’s proposal!

Naina saying I love you too shyly.

From failing for the first time to our first bike ride and till the incident where we had to elope from the house!

Delhi to Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad to Delhi, wherever I was we were still united. We never parted ways!

I could recall everything staring from Tau ji, Tai ji’s beatings till Chacha ji’s slap. It was bound to happen as our happening love story was about to have a happy climax finally.

I felt like shouting right then and there to Naina that we won!

Sameer and Naina’s wedding could not happen without twists. There were more in store the moment it felt like everything is finally falling in place. Nothing went right in the wedding.

Baraat reaches the venue. Phula Bua is unhappy to see Mama ji and Mami ji wearing black colour clothes but Bela tells her to ignore it. Rakesh comes near Munna and Pundit. They get tensed and hold their cheeks. Even Anand follows his brother worriedly but Rakesh wards off evil eyes off the boys with some money. Everyone smiles. Bela performs some rituals. She has to pull Sameer’s nose for a ritual but he keeps shifting back playfully on the horse. Everyone is amused. Mami ji remarks that Sameer only looks innocent. He wont let anyone hold his nose. Rinki suggests an idea to Bela which obviously does not work. Bobby taunts Sameer.

There is no harm in getting your nose pulled. You can anyways not win from them! Mama ji seconds him. You (Agarwal’s) have won over the boy completely. He is yours and not ours anymore! Do whatever you want! Rakesh addresses him and walks up to him. Anand follows him worriedly. Rakesh says you are right. It is not just the bride and groom but two families that get clubbed together after marriage. We are going to give you our daughter. Make her yours with love now. She will be all yours. Everyone smiles. Sameer leans forward and lets Bela pulls his nose now. He descends from the horse and walks inside the venue with his friends. Is everything ready? Munna and Pundit nod. You should change into your suit now. Don’t just point out anything about it now. Sameer hugs his friends happily.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th February

Sameer has changed into suit. Munna and Pundit are sitting on either of his sides. Naina’s sisters bring Naina there. Sameer looks at her from top to toe in admiration. Rakesh gets emotional. Sameer and Naina keep looking at each other throughout.

Voiceover – Naina:
A lot has changed from 1990’s till today but two things haven’t changed – the bride and groom romancing on stage and the photographer interrupting their romance!

Photographer asks the bride and groom to sit together. Naina and Sameer sit down awkwardly. Sameer asks Naina why she dint leave her hair open. I told you to keep them open. She lies that Chachi ji told her against it. Girls don’t leave their hair open on wedding day. It is inauspicious. He looks away. She holds his hand and winks at him the moment he looks in her direction. Sameer asks her what she is doing. It is getting recorded. She boldly tells him that Mrs. Maheshwari isn’t afraid of anyone. He smirks. She asks him why he has tied the turban so low. Photographer asks them to look at him just then. They pose for photos.

Sameer and Naina stand up to Varmala. Their friends stand behind them. The boys whisper something in each other’s ears. It is Naina’s turn first. Devang, Munna and Pundit lift Sameer the moment Naina inches closer to keep garland around his neck. They tease him to not keep their brother waiting. She jumps but is too short heighted. Anand gestures Arjun who lifts his sister. Naina hides her hair as the dupatta shifts a little and manages to make Sameer wear the garland. Sameer too exchanges garland with her. Preeti fixes the dupatta the moment Naina stands on her feet again. Epi ends on Naina and Sameer’s face.

Precap: Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25 February 2019 Written Update Naina and Sameer pose for photos. She tries holding his hand but he pulls it away. She too gives up on him.


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