Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YUDKBH 25 Jul episode begins with Sameer says they cherish one another. Naina says we didn’t wed this way and advises that when Preeti comes to know this and when their moms realize then what will occur. sameer says I simply realize that I didn’t complete an error. Naina says on the off chance that they had told everybody, at that point I would have remain with them, how we will stand firm for their falsehood. Sameer says there is not all that much or wrong infatuated.

Naina says we had persuaded our relatives for our marriage and haven’t hurt them. Sameer says I simply realize that I helped two individuals in affection meet. Naina’s voiceover tells that Sameer was seeing Tanvi and Aditya’s affection, however I was seeing the inconveniences coming their direction. She says she was thinking how individuals see Tanvi and with what point of view, she don’t need anybody to raise finger on Tanvi.

Rakesh sees Tanvi and Aditya out and about. He gets far fetched. Naina brings tea and bread rolls and keep for Sameer furiously. Rakesh reveals to Sameer that something is going on peculiar. Sameer says no. Rakesh tells that he saw Aditya and Tanvi originating from the market. Sameer says they more likely than not crashed in the market when Tanvi went to purchase stuff and Aditya may have helped her. Rakesh says you individuals were enamored right in front of me and requests that he advise Aditya to avoid Tanvi as she will wed soon. Naina reveals to Sameer that she won’t bolster them and they need to come clean to everybody and stick to it. Sameer says Naina.

Naina comes to meet Preeti at her home. She supposes Preeti is in the washroom and says you realize what love intends to us and we esteem it. She advises that she would prefer not to lie or conceal anything from her. She says Sameer got two individuals wedded whose marriage was hard to occur. She says Aditya and Tanvi got hitched. Something tumbles down in the washroom. Naina says Aditya is a decent person and will keep Tanvi upbeat. Tanvi turns out from Preeti’s washroom.

Aditya comes there and asks Naina not to tell anybody, else it will be an issue. Naina says I am not against your adoration, as even I cherished Sameer. She says what you will advise to your family. Tanvi says on the off chance that they come to think about my marriage with Aditya, at that point they won’t concur. Naina requests that her discussion to her family and says they will be vexed, yet will concur soon. She says in the event that you don’t need everybody’s acknowledgment and endowments. Sameer says they will be glad when you state. Tanvi says she will disclose to them when they return that she adores Aditya. Naina requests that her tell full truth. Tanvi says I will persuade them and get hitched to him infront of them. Naina says alright and says court marriage isn’t care for marriage, marriage occurs with older folks’ favors.

Aditya’s dad meets Naina and Sameer and says they were going to their home as they need to give them something. He gives a bundle to them and says you completed a marvel. Sameer advises Naina on the off chance that they come to think about Tanvi and Aditya. Neighbor says tomorrow your show is propelling. Naina says she overlooked. They demand that they need to watch the show inside and out. Naina gives the credit to them. Vanita’s significant other feel glad for them and state congratulations. Sameer’s voiceover tells that society individuals filled their heart with joy cheerful. He tells that he will accomplish something uncommon for her. He brought something. Naina requests that he appear. Sameer shows glass bangles. Naina says glass bangles. Sameer says I would have brought gold bangles, yet I couldn’t hear the sound of glass bangles which I will hear now. He says it will advise me that I will not leave this hand. He says in the event that your hand is with me, at that point we both will turn out to be great artiste one day. Rakesh chats on telephone and tells that everybody is restlessly hanging tight for your show. Naina gets Aruna ji’s call and says there is a major pressure.

Precap: Vanita asks them not to decline to Aruna ji. Simply then they see somebody coming and get amazed.


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