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Naina is sneezing badly. Sameer brings coconut water. She asks him if he simply got one. He replies that they’ve to percentage it. What’s mine is yours and vice versa. She sneezes as he comes nearer for a romantic second. She complains that he added her to a hill station after all. She buys a shawl. He makes her put off her sweater however she sneezes once more. He receives dissatisfied. She tells him that she catches cold rapid. you’re making me remove sweater over and over for photographs. He complains that she is the weakest one within the complete global. They pose once more for pics however she sneezes. He receives disappointed. I don’t want to get image clicked. She asks him what his problem is. i’m not wasting any money. He rues that she is losing such a lot of different matters which she isn’t noticing. She attempts to make him understand

that it wasn’t invited by her. You dint deliver any medication for me. Chacha ji and Chachi ji might have gotten it for me by way of now. He says it’d were better in case you had come here with them most effective. this is anyways not anything like honeymoon!
Voiceover – Sameer:
it is said that you have to wait a bit while someone sneezes. matters have been opposite that day. Sameer ran far from me the moment I sneeze!

Jiggy argues with supervisor because the clothes fell over them from the balcony. Dimpy tells him to find out who has hung garments like this in a 5 megastar hotel. Sameer murmurs that human beings come to 5 superstar lodge not realising that clothes are given in laundry right here. Don’t realize who could have achieved that! Flashback suggests Naina calling Bela to inform her that she has washed all of the clothes. i can grasp them in balcony. She does now not tell it to Sameer. Sameer notices a person in the garments and recognizes it. those are our garments proper? Naina seems down. supervisor asks the servant to throw those garments away. we can find out who hung it while they may come to select it. Naina wants to choose them up however Sameer wants to conceal it from anybody. Doesn’t count number what they do to it! we are able to be insulted for no longer having etiquettes of coming to a five megastar lodge. I wont be capable of endure it! Naina abruptly shouts and admits that those are their clothes. anyone seems at her. supervisor stops Sameer. I need to speak to you about some thing!

Naina ask Sameer if supervisor said some thing more to him. Sameer says he asked us to depart. I by hook or by crook begged him to allow us to live right here. I additionally beg you no longer to do whatever like this again. Why did you need to wash garments? She says Chachi ji informed me to wash them. He says you simply do some thing she tells you to. I instructed you to preserve quiet. Why did you are saying something? She says they had been new clothes. They were really worth thousands. He doesn’t need to be embarrassed however she speaks of valuing money. He gets irritated. I don’t want to speak to you. She says the same and sits in some other nook.

Voiceover – Naina:
every time I consider that day, I only consider one song – Chal Dhobhighaat Hungama Karenge!

Voiceover – Sameer:
everything passed off on our honeymoon besides honeymoon!

Naina calls Sameer Uncle ji. Are you achieved scolding me or you need to scold me more? I admit I made a mistake. Why do you need to fuss over it? He says this is how i’m. She holds her ears and tries to pacify him. He switches on tv to disregard her however she maintains apologizing and trying in among her sneezes. He ends up smiling in the end. She hugs him. He hugs her again. Her sneeze foils his every other try and steal a kiss.

Sameer comes to his room with a bottle of alcohol. it’s miles the solution on your cold. She asks him why he wishes it. What did I do which you want alcohol? He tells her it’s miles for her. She panics. I dint do something incorrect for which i will need to drink it. it’s miles a awful thing. He tries to make her apprehend however she keeps speakme. He tells her Brandy isn’t alcohol. Your cold will go away in minutes. attempt it once. She denies. it’s miles alcohol. He tells her to accept as true with it. She says i have seen it in movies. it is alcohol. He tells her that it’s far a medicinal drug which relieves considered one of bloodless and instils romance. Naina imagines her circle of relatives individuals scolding her for ingesting alcohol. Waiter serves them espresso.

Voiceover – Naina:
Did you spot what a quandary the lady of 1990’s changed into in? If I had sipped it then my upbringing would have been disenchanted. If I hadn’t then Sameer might had been disappointed!

Naina distracts Sameer to bring kerchief for her. She switches the cups. Naina takes a sip and pretends that it’s far bitter. Sameer tells her it occurs within the beginning. he takes a sip of his espresso and unearths it bitter but does now not tell her.

Voiceover – Sameer:
humans regularly neglect the entirety of their inebriated kingdom but I remembered every bit! I had a tremendous element together with ingesting Brandy – Naina’s dishonest!

Naina and Sameer finish their coffee. He pours some extra for them and this time provides brandy in her cup. She pretends to be under the influence of alcohol. He tells her to have some. you’ll then inform me yourself that Brandy isn’t alcohol. She sneezes again. He is going to deliver kerchief for her. She switches the cups again. He picks the kerchief saved subsequent to Naina and gives her. They finish their closing espresso. Sameer reveals his espresso bitter all over again.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode update: Sameer dances around Naina and attempts to get close.


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