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Anand proposes Sameer to turn into a protection specialist. Sameer envisions himself as a protection operator and making a decent attempt to pitch the arrangement to individuals. Sameer slips from his seat. Naina holds him. Anand inquires as to whether he is fine. Sameer gestures. I slipped. Anand reveals to him this includes no venture. Sameer again envisions himself as a protection operator. The person says I thought you came to request a young lady’s hand. Sameer inquires as to whether he needs approach or a SIL. He endeavors to sell the idea crosswise over yet the person does not get it once more. He winds up driving the person to take it. he gets pushed out of the house both the occasions in his fantasies. Sameer discloses to Anand they will consider this later. Preeti inquires as to whether she enjoyed Naina’s dress. Bela gestures. where did you get it from? Naina shares that Sameer has planned it.

His style sense is astonishing since starting. She gets a thought and recommends opening a boutique. Anand counters the thoughts as it is only one dress that he has structured. Bela prepares delightful sustenance however it doesn’t mean she will open an eatery. Preeti shares that Sameer has dependably been fascinated in style. This dress is the ideal model! Anand gives gesture for the thought. Open the boutique inside your home. Consider thoughts first and afterward begin dealing with them. Spend each penny carefully. They talk about the boutique finally. Naina envisions herself and Sameer in the boutique. The young ladies slobber over Sameer. Naina needs to truly ward off them from Sameer. She sends them away. Sameer prods Naina. Sameer sees Naina’s disturbed/lost face. What was the deal? It’s a smart thought. Naina stands unobtrusively.

Bela does tilak of the boutique board. They have named it Samaina. Sameer breaks a coconut at the entryway. They cut the lace and afterward venture inside. Bela endowments them Ganesha symbol. They contact her feet to look for her gifts. Anand gives Naina Rs. 5. I got them 25 years prior as my first pay. I dint spend it till date. I am offering it to you with my approval. Naina and Sameer contact his feet.

Naina and Sameer are blending various types of garments together. Sameer clearly has a superior feeling of it. Vishakha calls Sameer. He joyfully discloses to her that it was Naina’s plan to open the boutique. Vishakha says I know. It is on the grounds that my DIL is superior to my child. Sameer reveals to him that he is wrapping up Naina has pushed her CA course further to help me in my business. We will oversee everything together. Vishakha wishes them good karma. Sameer and Naina take a gander at one another sweetly.

Rakesh discloses to Sameer that everything can be accomplished on the off chance that they buckle down towards their objective. Sameer murmurs something in Naina’s ears. Rakesh addresses him next. Be it life or business, you have to strive to succeed. Japanese are the best in such manner. Sameer imagines as though he can’t hear anything and finishes the call. Naina grins. Sameer asks her how she went through 20 years with him. I can’t go through 20 minutes with him. He is your dad with regards to addressing. Naina hits him energetically.

Time cruises by. The boutique is completely set. Sameer and Naina’s companions are likewise helping them in their boutique. Naina computes benefits on their business yet Sameer recommends setting their business first and taking a shot at benefits later. Nanu showed me this. Naina joyfully acknowledges it. They place labels on the garments for tomorrow’s presentation.

Savant has spread flyers crosswise over Ahmedabad and every other person has spread the news verbally as well. Sameer is bit anxious. Kanji supports him that it will be a hit. Sameer says thanks to him.

The huge day comes. Loads of individuals come to Samaina Boutique on the presentation day. Rakesh and Anand come there with the whole family. Rakesh discloses to Sameer he thought to visit them as he can’t hear him on telephone. Naina rehashes his exchange before him. They take a gander at the garments. Intellectual marvels if Safari Suit isn’t appearing to be unique (in shirt and pants). Naina hacks. Intellectual inquires as to whether Sir isn’t looking decent and changed. Rakesh assumes responsibility as clerk. You don’t have to give anybody a rebate. He even includes some cash in it as shagun. Naina and Sameer grin. The loved ones handle everything together. Naina grins seeing everybody working so tirelessly in the boutique. Sameer winks at Naina as she grins at him. Preeti discloses to Naina that the show is super hit. Bela advises her to talk gradually. Kamya focuses at an elderly person. Will she get it? Bela gestures. She goes to that woman and compliments the saree that she has picked. The woman needs to get it. The young ladies acclaim Bela.

Yun hello there katt jayega safar plays out of sight. There is a major line at the money counter. Sameer prods Naina as she strolls past him. Individuals favor Sameer. He is eager however Naina occupies his psyche towards work. Everybody cooperates to make the show a triumph.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Episode Update: Mama ji and Poonam likewise go to the boutique. Sameer makes clench hands of the two his hands and scowls at him.


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