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YUDKBH 26 March Episode Sameer gulps down his bitter espresso. He unearths Naina looking at him and tells her to drink her coffee. He starts smiling for no reason. Deewana Dil Deewana song plays. He sprays fragrance across the bed and on Naina. She pretends to be under the influence of alcohol and sits on the mattress. He attempts getting closer for a kiss but she pushes him away each time. He pulls out the satin nightie from his suitcase and asks her to put on it. She tells him she is sleepy. He says people cross on honeymoon to romance complete day and night. My spouse has come here to sleep! I realize you’re still dissatisfied with me as Rakesh Sir dint come to our wedding ceremony. He isn’t at fault although. it’s far Tai ji’s mistake. She is the villain of our love, our wedding and our honeymoon! i will inform that fattie. He dials Tai ji’s quantity an awful lot to Naina’s shock.

She tries to prevent him however in vain. Tai ji and Tau ji’s sleep is disturbed through Sameer’s phone name. Naina tries pulling the cellphone out of Sameer’s arms but he does now not allow her. He talks to her in her fashion. i’m your Bholuram.
Voiceover – Naina:
humans say which you occasionally emerge as doing some thing correct even as doing some thing incorrect. I did incorrect with the aid of giving Sameer Brandy while Sameer did right aspect through reprimanding Tai ji. i was cursing him but i used to be happy from inside. I wanted him to taunt her more!

Naina ends the call. Tai ji tells wakes up her husband. Bholuram called. He became taunting me for now not letting Rakesh come to the wedding. He said he’s going to educate me a lesson now. It should be Naina’s doing. How dare she do this! Tau ji vows to train a lesson to Anand in go back. Sleep now.

Sameer tells Naina she is very beautiful. you will have regarded excellent if you put on it. i bought it with a lot love. Please strive. I dint even get a kiss on my honeymoon! He falls asleep. Naina fixes

Voiceover – Naina:
I understood one issue that day that Brandy is certainly alcohol! Our 1/3 night remained similar to other 2 nights due to Brandy handiest.

subsequent morning, Naina is looking Sameer sweetly as he sleeps peacefully. She kisses him on his cheeks. Sameer opens his eyes and smiles seeing her are available with mattress tea. thanks my dear wife. this is what I wanted right now. She says it’s miles the identical espresso which we had last night. Brandy? He says it’s miles alcohol only and is bad for health. I dint drink Brandy. How did i am getting drunk then? She switches the cups to expose him. He smiles and asks for French candy in conjunction with tea. She receives shy. She dips his finger in tea. He shouts in ache however then chases her across the room. The landline earrings. They ought to go for sightseeing and tells Naina about it.

Jiggy and Dimpy have become their photographs clicked. Sameer comes there. They marvel if Naina is once more washing garments. Sameer feels awful. Dimpy whistles seeing someone. Sameer turns and appears at Naina. She is sporting a stunning crimson get dressed. Dimpy calls her heroine. Naina thanks every person for the compliment. Sameer tells Naina they’ll click on many snap shots nowadays. they’ll grow to be as beautiful as Mount Abu’s photos. They walk outside hand in hand. She limps. He indicates her to alternate her footwear if she has hassle but she assures him she is great.

Naina and Sameer preserve looking at every different sweetly as they stroll amidst tea lawn. They follow the other couples. Sameer maintains checking on Naina if she is comfortable. She nods. He asks her if she had to wear this these days. She says i am wearing garments simplest after showing you. what’s your problem? He asks her to wait inside the car however she refuses.

Voiceover – Naina:
I desired to do the whole lot simply the way Sameer wanted. I desired to put on the right dress, click on images with Sameer and move every mile with him. I desired to do the whole lot ideal but I had no concept that i’m able to wreck 3 matters that day – my dress, heels and Sameer’s coronary heart.

Jiggy tells Sameer that it turned into definitely mentioned inside the manual that game footwear are obligatory. Naina tells Sameer to move in advance. i will wait in the vehicle. Jiggy advises Sameer to go along with her. Sameer scolds Naina for no longer looking after something. you may have examine the brochure. everything turned into written absolutely there. She says you could have jogged my memory. He says you aren’t any youngster. You have to know wherein to wear heels and where to wear sport footwear. They end up arguing once more. Naina says you in no way make a mistake. there has been terrible ache in my toes however I stored walking so in heels. you are most effective losing money. You wasted almost 24k. He says you simplest keep tune of cash. every time I try to come near for a kiss, you ask me if that is honeymoon. She nods. I dint go for honeymoon before. He asks her if he has. She says it might be viable. How might I recognize? They go back to resort however take a seat faraway from every other. She closes her eyes. Sameer notices a shadow at the window. The individual is conserving a dagger in his hand. Sameer panics.

Precap: Sameer notices Jiggy kissing Dimpy on her cheek inside the plane. a person tell them that the honeymoon is over. Naina says their honeymoon might be over however ours has just all started. She covers their heads with a jacket.


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