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YUDKBH 27 Mar episode Naina closes her eyes. Sameer notices a shadow at the window. The character is retaining a dagger in his hand. Sameer panics. He tells Naina he’s hungry. She retorts that she dint open a eating place. go and eat. He asks her to come back. She starts offevolved to argue. He insists he cannot sleep empty belly. Wont you listen to me? She refuses to consume or listen to him. I don’t want to move. the guy at the window continues peeking inside. Sameer has to drag Naina together with her.

Voiceover – Naina:
I sense pity after I consider that day even today. That thief came to scouse borrow some thing but he simplest determined books within the room!

Waiter comes out from in the back of the curtains and begins scanning thru their stuff.

Sameer tells the supervisor that someone is hiding of their room. He became holding a knife. i have

locked the room from out of doors. Please send safety. manager calls out to protection. Naina appears at Sameer gratefully. He asks her to come with him. supervisor apologizes to Naina and Sameer. It changed into our waiter who were given inner your room to thieve. you purchased Ma’am out of the room very smartly. the whole thing is nice now. i’m sorry for anything took place.
Voiceover – Naina:
Sameer proved it that he is the actual hero of my existence. I also realised that lover might get disillusioned but love by no means offers up!

Naina and Sameer go back to their room. Sameer smiles at Naina and maintains the entirety again in area. She is quiet all alongside. He checks the bathroom additionally. Naina lies down in the period in-between. Sameer covers her with quilt. She holds his hand as he turns to head. She shifts in the bed and lies down preserving his hand. cute music performs in the heritage.

next morning, Naina and Sameer are wearing equal garments. They smile seeing every different. Naina shares that Swati gave it to her. He says Munna talented this to me. you’re sporting your excellent get dressed today while we are going domestic! They share a hug. Sameer leans nearer for a kiss whilst the bell boy knocks. They walk out hand in hand.

Voiceover – Sameer:
That day became Naina and Sameer’s unison day. everything fell in its vicinity. We were given the whole lot except the kiss!

Naina ties her seatbelt on her own. Sameer acts inspired. She begins announcing something however he tells her that the declaration is on about safety measurements. She holds his hand. a person who will defend me continually is continually here. He rues that they dint enjoy honeymoon. She says I understand I made a whole lot of mess; spoiled the entirety and now you wont love me like earlier than anymore. He pulls her cheeks sweetly listening to it. We were equally at fault. I wanted my wife to look the first-class. perhaps the manner to inform it wasn’t right. i will love you till my remaining breath! He gets distracted seeing Jiggy kissing Dimpy on her cheek within the plane. a person inform them that the honeymoon is over. Naina says their honeymoon is probably over however ours has simply started. he is careworn. She smiles widely and maintains a jacket over their heads.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I understood the meaning of one quote that day. endurance bears exquisite end result. at the same time as ingesting that fruit we dint realize while we reached home!

Sameer and Naina scent something foul as quickly as they input inner their residence. They begin looking around to find out what truly took place. the main switch of fridge is off and the food has rotten completely. Sameer runs to the bathroom. Naina goes after him. Are you exceptional? Do you want something? He asks her if she switched it off. She nods. Chachi ji informed me to exchange off the whole lot before leaving or the meter will run. He says dint she let you know that fridge needs to be emptied earlier than switching it off. You messed up the entirety in an attempt to save one rupee. Sameer calls Munna and asks him to ship a person (Kanji) over asap. Munna asks him if he had a fight with Naina. Munna stocks that he’ll come day after today handiest. We dint recognize you would need Kanji in evening. Sameer disconnects the call. Munna deduces that Sameer is extraordinarily disillusioned.

Naina has tied a kerchief round her mouth and is cleaning the refrigerator. Sameer comes there however she asks him to move away.

Voiceover – Naina:
I promised Naina i’m able to stand along with her through thick and thin. I lived via my promise by way of standing a bit farther from her. I did live via my word!

Naina warns Sameer to face at a distance as she cleans the mess. She is set to scrub the utensils however he tells her against it. She tells him now not to show fake love. You had been irritated a minute ago and are involved for your wife now? He eliminates the kerchief. I can be concerned seeing Daku Rani. I handiest need you to be my Rani. those fingers are to like me. She smiles.

Voiceover – Naina:
I wasn’t this satisfied about my wedding with Sameer as a great deal satisfied i used to be after listening to that I don’t ought to wash garments and utensils!

Bela is making something. Preeti asks her if she dint make too many this time. Tai ji ought to be so jealous proper now. Tai ji looks at them. She asks a neighbour to make the identical thing right here too. half of of this place belongs to me too. She folds the sheet in half of thereby scattering them on the floor. Preeti tries to bitch but Bela stops her. They decide to head internal. Anand comes there saying that there is good information. Preeti shows him to proportion the information internal. all of them cross internal. Tai ji thinks he become hinting at Naina’s being pregnant. maybe that is why they have been in a hurry to marry her off. Neighbour tells her in opposition to it but Tai ji makes a decision to discover what it is.

Sameer extends his fingers. Naina ducks and runs internal with Sameer chasing her. She tells him to paintings tough to advantage the hug. He sooner or later catches maintain of her and swirls her around. Why no longer flavor the fruit of endurance now? Door bell rings as he inches nearer for the kiss. He says the person will depart after ringing bells. She makes him open the door. it’s far Munna. He asks them about their holiday. Sameer asks Naina why she is smiling. What are you doing here Munna? Munna says I concept to come to help as Kanji will come the following day. Naina says I did it. He indicates them a packet. what’s in it? She guesses chocolate but he shares that this has their wedding ceremony cassette. The men need to observe it however Naina desires to wrap up the pending stuff first. Sameer nods. He asks Munna to call over their pals.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina and i laughed excitedly that day but do you believe you studied we were ideal?

Precap Upcoming Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode update: Naina demanding situations Sameer to throw water on her. He does it. Naina opens the door and throws water on Mami ji by using mistake.


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