Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 28th February 2019 Written Episode Update
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Naina alternatives the Bhagwad Gita and walks lower back to Anand. You only told me to study a bankruptcy of Ramayana whenever I’m in any trouble? He nods. She makes him hold his quit it and makes him swear upon it. You won’t pass anywhere now. Anand and Bela are beaten and hug her. They take her inside for pheras. anybody seems at Naina as she enters inside the red lehenga. Mama ji compliments Naina to Bobby. She is looking lovely proper?

Voiceover – Naina:
after I see actors speak extraordinary things in serials then I best laugh! I also did the identical on my wedding in any case as it was about my Chacha ji.

Bobby, Mama ji and Mami ji wonder about Rakesh’s disappearance. They ask Anand without delay this time. Naina replies that Papa is right here. everyone appears around. Mama ji jokes if he has become Mr. India. Do you best see him in pink light now? Naina seems at Anand. right here he’s! Mama ji says i used to be right then. I knew that the librarian will abscond at the end. Mami ji seconds him.

Voiceover – Naina:
it is said that the injuries given via swords heal however the stabs given words in no way heal. I consider it’s miles actual. anyone’s phrases had been hurting me badly but Sameer’s one look and lovable smile had healed my every wound. It changed into no longer just him, however, my father aka Chacha ji too who changed into supporting me heal.

Pundit ji starts the rituals of kanyadaan. Rakesh watches it from a way. He has protected his head with a scarf and appears on helplessly. He turns to head whilst Bela calls out to him. She asks him to return inside. He says I only got here to peer my daughter and SIL. i am leaving now. She asks him to fulfil his obligation. Why are you doing this? Rakesh replies that he is doing this for Arjun’s sake. He tells her the whole thing (in mute). He folds his palms before Bela.

Naina and Sameer trade smiles. Rakesh requests Bela to forgive him. i am hoping all and sundry is capable of forgiving me however I had a no different option. I don’t want Arjun to meet the same combat. Naina knows the way to fight with life and win however my Arjun is just like me who accepts defeat even earlier than the fight starts. I didn’t pick between a girl child and a boy but the choice becomes among a strong youngster and a susceptible child. Naina has you, Anand, Preeti, Sameer and absolutely everyone on her facet. She has courage to live and combat whereas Arjun has no personality. How can i depart him alone in this case? They each cry. Bless Naina and Sameer from my facet. Bela nods. Rakesh gives her a holy thread to pass to Naina. if you make her wear it then i’m able to suppose that my blessing has reached her. He leaves. Bela cries retaining the thread.

Pundit ji asks the couple to arise for pheras. Anand asks Preeti to locate Bela who comes returned just then. Bela does Sameer and Naina’s gathbandhan. Tumse Milke song performs as Sameer and Naina take pheras. Sameer guarantees Naina he’ll supply her all the happiness that she merits. She promises to continually respect him and all and sundry at their new home and love them always. Bobby feedback that she forgot her very own father. Sameer promises Naina he’ll by no means disrespect her. Bobby asks Mama ji if he believes him. look who’s making this promise! Naina guarantees in no way to cover anything from him. Preeti reminds her that her hair is hidden. Naina hits her playfully. Sameer guarantees Naina that he’s going to in no way observe another woman. Rinki lets in him to have a look at her. Phula Bua gestures her to be quiet. Munna and Pundit commentary that they won’t spare them if that happens. The pheras are whole. Sameer fills Naina’s hairline with vermilion. absolutely everyone claps. Naina appears at Sameer emotionally. Sameer makes her put on mangalsutra (with NS initials). A romantic song plays in the background.

Pundit ji announces it is time for kanyadaan. Tie a holy thread at the bride and groom’s fingers. Bela requests him if they can use this thread (the only given by Anand). it is sincerely auspicious. think that it has the entire world’s advantages for each of you! Pundit ji easily accepts it. Anand ties the holy thread on Naina and Sameer’s palms. Bela is hiding her feelings from everybody. Anand continues Naina’s hand in Sameer’s hand. Sameer and Naina smile sweetly at each other. Pundit ji declares that the wedding is whole. all people claps luckily. Naina and Sameer’s pals do a glad dance. Naina and Sameer’s eyes are glued to each different. Munna stops in his tracks as he glances at Swati.

Mami ji tells Bobby the next ritual could be completed with him best. Bobby tells them he won’t do it. You (Mama ji) advised me that i have come from Delhi. I must enjoy a little. it’s time for him to have amusing now. He tells them a plan (in mute). Mama ji and Mami ji praise him on his idea. Bobby is going. Anand asks Mama ji about Bobby. Vishakha additionally asks them if everything is exceptional. Mama ji says Bobby become feeling little uneasy. Vishakha receives concerned. How can we do the following ritual now?

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Precap: Phula Bua gives some advice to Naina. Don’t be caught in television-VCR. women nowadays have started learning to ride. Don’t trouble Sameer over it. Naina smiles.


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