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Anand tells his own family that he is probably going to the us again. Preeti is worked up to eat American candies once more whilst Bela makes a unhappy face. Anand provides that this time he will take Bela with him. it will be for 3 months. Goyal Sir will come tomorrow and sign the files. Tai ji is taken aback. Anand is growing very fast. He is going to america! Bela can even pass. I haven’t even been to Mumbai until date! i will see how she will be able to go to the us.

Sameer tells his friends that the smell changed into very foul. It felt as though mice have died. Naina asks him if he knows that scent too properly. Pundit jokes that it is regular for him. Preeti comes as well. Naina runs to hug her sister. How was the honeymoon? Sameer shouts that it was dry. His buddies say this become why he appeared disenchanted. Naina takes Preeti internal. Preeti asks her if it’s miles a house or a palace. Kamya says this Shahjahan has made this palace with love for his Begum. Sameer is ready to consume but Naina tells him to look forward to Swati. She asks Munna if he called Swati. Sameer and Naina see Munna and Kamya’s sad faces. Kamya shares that Swati were given engaged to someone else. Sameer recollects the unhappy tune that changed into gambling on the decision whilst he become in Ooty. He asks Munna more about it but he attempts to prevent it. Kamya says it came about for your wedding day. i used to be quiet or your wedding ceremony might had been ruined. Sameer realises that Munna knew it already. Pundit and Sameer hug Munna. you’re amazing. You dint display your ache to everyone even as soon as. Munna says i was happy from inner to your wedding. Naina is indignant with Swati. Sameer indicates him to elope with Swati but Munna says Swati become right. it is enough that one love story became successful. now not each love story can come authentic. You men eloped from your houses and fought along with your circle of relatives participants. perhaps we dint have that kind of braveness!

Voiceover – Sameer:
That day I realised that a hero isn’t the one whose love succeeds. A hero is a person who smiles even when he experiences a horrible heartbreak. every person who experienced heartbreak in 1990’s is a actual hero. it is because lower back then love was something very natural. if you have been through it too then i’m happy with you too!

all of the pals sit down down to watch the wedding video. Kamya smiles. We were given uninterested in hiding Naina’s curly hair. They open their presents collectively best to discover clocks inside.

Voiceover – Naina:
Clock turned into the maximum famous present given to people in 1990’s. It became in all likelihood to hint at the reality that your time has changed. It is probably for precise or bad but handiest time will tell you that.

Naina asks Preeti about Anand and Bela. Preeti says they may be first-rate. She stops herself from talking about Tai ji. What did you do on honeymoon? Naina excitedly speaks about sightseeing, getting images clicked, and many others. Preeti asks in the event that they kissed. Naina receives shy hearing it. They smile realising the fact that it did appear. Pundit and Munna are hungry. Sameer tells them to ask their Bhabhi. Naina makes a decision to make noodles. They comic story about her curly hair.

Preeti is going to help Naina inside the kitchen. Naina counts the wide variety of humans for whom she has to make but Preeti tells her no longer to be miser. cook the entirety. you know how hungry Munna and Pundit always are.

Voiceover – Naina:
Which woman does now not leave out her own family once she is in her new home? I wasn’t clearly lacking my domestic that day. i used to be wondering how Preeti and that i used to fight and percentage one packet of noodles among each other. It changed into something one of a kind lower back then. We made 12 packets for six human beings! these changes commenced in 1994 itself.

every person is consuming noodles. Preeti is on telephone with Bela. She wants to live overnight at Sameer’s location. Naina shouts from behind to help her sister. Bela offers in hearing that each one the friends might be staying collectively in a single day. They spend the night time gambling video games and consuming noodles. it’s miles eight am. The residence is in a mess. they all are gambling unique video games. Preeti asks Naina to make tea.

Voiceover – Naina:
history says that our country got freedom in 1947 however historically, we gain freedom handiest whilst we get married. it’s miles true specially for ladies. we’re continually instructed that we need to do anything we love best when we get married!

Sameer is going to assist Naina within the kitchen. He holds her hand. Their friends are peeking internal. They cowl their eyes and ears. We ought to avoid listening to the naughty matters. Sameer kisses Naina. Pundit asks them if she can deliver tea each time soon. Naina and Sameer pass back with tea. Sameer’s pals ask Sameer why his face and blouse has turned red. They tease him. Preeti asks Naina about biscuits. Naina says I forgot in a hurry. Kamya asks her if it become due to romance. They maintain teasing Naina and Sameer. Sameer holds her hand whilst she is going to provide him biscuits. Their friends tease them again. Naina sits next to Preeti hurriedly.

Naina and Sameer’s pals maintain teasing them on honeymoon. Naina is all shy but Sameer hugs her in front of all people.

The pipe has damaged. Bela is worried that she wont be able to cook dinner with out water. Anand tells Bela he’ll check with the plumber. He meets the plumber on the steps itself and finds out that Tau ji had requested him to cut the pipe.

Sameer and Naina are gambling chess. Kamya leaves as she has to move someplace along with her mom. Sameer is thinking an excessive amount of for his next move. Naina tells him not to strive so difficult. you will lose anyway. Pundit challenges Sameer to defeat her. Naina asks Sameer to maintain her pawn lower back in the game however he argues that he cut it already. each the teams argue over it. Naina chases Sameer across the house. He threatens to throw water on her. She tells him to attempt it and distinctly, he throws water on her. Sameer’s buddies cheer for him. Preeti tells Naina to do the identical. Naina chases Sameer. Mami ji is ready to ring the doorbell however stops hearing some noise coming from internal. She leans towards pay attention what’s happening.

Sameer asks Naina if she can throw water on her husband. Naina asks her if it’s miles first-rate for a husband to do it. Sameer runs till the principle door and opens it. Naina by accident throws water on Mami ji.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode update: Mami scolds Naina for making the palace a zoo. She has proven her colorings! Mami ji tells someone on call that the wedding wont remaining for more than 6 months.


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