Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 28th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YUDKBH 28 Mar episode Sameer and Naina get playful whilst their pals are round. Sameer throws water on Naina and she also needs to do the identical. however Sameer’s playfulness lands Naina in trouble.

Naina and Sameer, who’re lower back from their eventful Honeymoon get greeted by means of a bad smell after returning domestic. They surprise in which the smell is coming from and search the corner and nook of the house. Sameer finds the switch of the fridge turned off. He scolds Naina for turning it off without casting off food and greens out of it. Naina, who did no longer realize what she changed into speculated to do, tells him that Bela had asked her to do so to store energy.

Sameer receives irked after being attentive to this, and he tells her not to be stingy. To discover a approach to the mess she has created, Naina starts offevolved cleaning the fridge by means of doing away with all of the rotten meals and vegetables. Sameer stands by means of Naina’s facet however does not assist her because he hates untidiness.

Later, whilst Naina starts washing utensils, he stops her and tells her no longer to do family chores. Naina is satisfied to recognize that Sameer wants to treat her like a Queen. Naina says that the thing that made her happier changed into not her marriage to Sameer but his preference to treat her like a Queen.

the two get romantic, but Pandit comes and disturbs them. Pandit lands with the video cassette of their bridal ceremony. Naina and Sameer are pleased and need the rest in their friends to enroll in them even as looking it.

On day after today, Sameer and Naina get playful while their buddies are around. Sameer throws water on Naina, and she additionally wishes to do the equal. but Sameer’s playfulness lands Naina in hassle. Are you thinking why

while Naira receives prepared to throw a bowl complete of water on him, Sameer opens the door of the residence. Prabha, who is at your doorstep receives drenched alternatively.

How Prabha react to this Naina get scolded once more


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