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Everybody cooperates to make the presentation a triumph. Mother ji and Poonam likewise go to the show. Mother ji acknowledges the environment. He meets everybody one by one and is astounded to see Rakesh there. It appears as though extraordinary family work/business. You ought to have called Tau ji as well. He inquires as to whether he wont contact his feet today. Did you say farewell to that custom as well? Sameer makes clench hands of the two his hands and scowls at him. He leaves pursued by Naina. Mother ji calls him furious young fellow.

Naina asks Sameer for what valid reason he came here. He says I dint call Mama ji here. For what reason would he say he is here? She answers that she called him here. Everybody is here. How would I be able to not call him? Disregard business, we are relatives. Sameer will not go inside till the time he heads inside. She reveals to him that the time has come to be brilliant. You figure Mama ji would have told everybody that he driven you bankrupt? No! He would have said that you got irate and went separate ways with him. You will destroy the display alongside your mind-set by remaining irate. Grin please. He reveals to her he can’t imagine. She makes him guarantee her he wont get furious atelast. He gestures. She takes him inside.

Sameer contacts Mama ji’s feet. Mom ji compliments Naina for instructing her better half right. I am kidding. I wish all of you the karma and achievement. Make Kaku Sa glad wherever he is! Sameer welcomes Poonam. Rakesh gets some information about Prabha. Mother ji shares that she is remaining occupied nowadays. She is in Bombay. Who returns effectively when you go to your folks’ home? I am having a great time here. Poonam has assumed responsibility for satisfying her obligation. He advises Poonam to purchase 11 pieces for both the women. Advise everybody to purchase garments from just Sameer’s boutique after today. Poonam gestures. Naina demonstrates their gathering to Poonam. Rakesh approach Mama ji to seek tea. Mom ji inquires as to whether he will give him Frootli again today. He snickers saying he was clowning.

Mother ji asks Rakesh to make bill asap. We will get an exceptionally enormous request! Sameer keeps a 10% rebate however Mama ji won’t. What amount of will we spare by having limits in little shows? What will you spare thusly? Sameer instructs him to state anything he desire yet you yourself will one day perceive the amount I develop and you will think twice about it. Intellectual requests that he come however Sameer reveals to Mama ji they have sold 80 dresses till now. Mother ji says I figured you would have comprehended something till now yet no. You are the nephew of Dinanath Maheshwari. Every one of the general population present here have come in view of my Kaku Sa’s name. Show resembles the big day. Individuals come to meet you, give you shagun, get pics clicked and leave. Your genuine test will begin tomorrow. I will ask you tomorrow at 6 pm regarding what number of you dresses you have sold in multi day. I will end up being a sales rep for you on the off chance that you sell multiple dresses! You have my assertion. He pays the bill and exits while throwing a mini tantrum.

Naina and Sameer rests discreetly beside one another yet they are considering Mama ji’s words.

Voiceover – Sameer:

It is said that you should keep your companions close and foes closer. I craved keeping Mama ji there and talk discourteously to me as his words gave me a motivation to develop!

Sameer and Naina share that they can’t rest. Naina reveals to him that they can’t prevent individuals from talking. We can just show persistence like we indicated today. He says we remained quiet as it was just about both of us. It is about business. In what capacity will we oversee only it? She rehashes Nanu’s words. You take 1000 days to build up anything new. It was our first day. We wont let anything slack from our end. We can leave the lay on Krishna ji. He embraces her. She likewise recommends him to spend somewhat less. She hits him with a cushion to expedite a grin his face.

Bela is pondering gems for Preeti yet sees Anand sitting unfortunately. She lets him know not to stress for Preeti. He reveals to her he is stressed for Naina. Kamlesh’s words are frequenting me. She says we can’t take care of such a man. He is vexed reasoning about the intense occasions both the children need to confront. How might I see one little girl upbeat and another miserable? She lets him know there is no reason to worry. Give some an opportunity to Sameer. He just begun his business. Anand is concerned consider the possibility that the business wont settle. I never thought Naina should experience such a large number of challenges. He leaves leaving Bela confounded.

Next morning, Naina and Sameer begin their day. Doorbell rings. They open the entryway enthusiastically supposing it will be their first client yet it ends up being Kanji. They trade merriments. Sameer even looks outside before shutting the entryway.

Voiceover – Sameer:

My heart was thumping so quick that day yet I was disturbing Naina to keep myself occupied. I dint need my dread to turn out before Naina. Just genuine joy can conceal your feelings of dread. I was doing likewise with Naina.

They pursue each other around the house and hold glancing back at one another with expectation. She perks him up saying that the day has quite recently started. Kanji brings sustenance for them however Sameer guides him to bring it later. A woman enters. Naina approaches Kanji to bring cold beverage for her.

Voiceover – Sameer:

That woman appeared n not as much as God to us.

Naina demonstrates the woman all the garments however she winds up requesting scarf. Naina reveals to her it is a structured boutique where they just keep creator garments. The woman says it is alright. I figured you will have it as your shop is so enormous. She leaves. Naina is rankled however Sameer quiets her down.

Voiceover – Sameer:

Timing is the most urgent thing. First client came however we were up to her prerequisites.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Episode Update: Mama ji is at Samaina Boutique. Naina guarantees Mama ji that they will develop such a great amount of sooner than the manner in which he has developed in recent years (by doing snare and criminal). We just solicitation you to support us simply like this!


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