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Nirmala ji slaps Tanvi. Why dint you kill me earlier than displaying this avatar? You notion we wont be able to discover a man for you? You stained our call! Shubham tells her to relax. We also just found out about it. We should discover a solution. Preeti also tells her MIL to calm down. Nirmala ji shouts that Tanvi took her selections on her very own. Shubham says we should decide what to do now. They talk of marrying Tanvi to Aditya. Nirmala ji factors out that they’re already married. She suggests them the wedding certificate. Shubham looks at his sister in surprise. You stated you both love it. what’s it then? He shouts at her to answer him. Why dint you tell me about this? Are you out of your thoughts? I wont spare Aditya! there’s nothing wrong in falling in love however what’s this? Even Preeti is disappointed with Tanvi. you may have spoken to me. i’ve continually supported you. Nirmala ji says it’s miles useless to mention all this now. She did what she desired to. Now i can repair it! She takes Tanvi together with her to Gadkari house.

Preeti calls Naina and Sameer as nicely. Gadkari own family try and take Nirmala ji and her circle of relatives internal but Nirmala ji is too miffed with Aditya. i used to be incorrect to think he’s like my son however he ended up marrying my daughter! Gadkari circle of relatives looks at the certificates in shock. Gopal stops Aditya from strolling towards Nirmala ji. Nirmala ji tells Gauri that this would be her plan to get cash from her. i know how greedy you are! Gopal tells her to stop talking about Gauri like this. My son wouldn’t lure Tanvi. Is she a child in spite of everything? Gauri blames Tanvi for trapping Aditya. She asks Tanvi to answer. Shubham stops her. I appreciate you however it does no longer imply that i will endure some thing! Gopal threatens to report a case against them but SHubham isn’t bothered. It was a plan made via all of you! I understand the entirety.

Sameer tells them not to magnify the problem. nobody trapped every body. They love every different. Why don’t you recognize this? Gopal says the certificate is signed through you. I recognize the whole lot! you’re the witness! anyone appears at them in surprise. Preeti asks Sameer and Naina why they hid this from her as well. Gopal says Sameer is their relative. he will aid them. He pressured Aditya to marry Tanvi! Aditya denies. I handiest took Sameer for the marriage forcefully. Naina seconds him. Sameer did that for Aditya and Tanvi’s sake. Gopal asks her why he got Aditya married to Tanvi stealthily. Naina reasons that this is what they had been avoiding. Sameer provides that each the households know every different due to the fact many years. The relation is right between both the families. Tanvi and Aditya love each different. What’s the damage? Gopal says I don’t mind speakme evenly however I cannot undergo all people shouting on me. Nirmala ji refuses to just accept the alliance because of one of a kind castes. They both argue over their castes. Naina shouts at them to focus on Tanvi and Aditya’s love as an alternative.

Nirmala ji all over again puts the whole blame on Naina and Sameer. you are attempting to break the residence seeing that you’ve got come right here! we have not anything to do with you. Tanvi follows her mom however she tells her to stay with her in-laws now! She additionally warns Preeti now not to satisfy her family individuals. Sameer attempts to make them understand however Shubham reprimands him from coaching him something. it’d be higher if you ruin members of the family with our circle of relatives now. he’s taking Preeti along with her. Tanvi appears at Aditya who stands there with his fists on his both aspect helplessly.

Voiceover – Naina:
now and again you are paying the debt of some things for no reason. First it was a story however now it changed into the relation among Tanvi and Aditya which we had to take care of.

Rakesh asks Naina and Sameer why they did all this. Anand and Bela cannot even eat anything due to surprise. Naina reasons that they did what they concept became right. Rakesh says they wanted to come back over right away however i finished them by some means. awareness on your profession proper now. Sameer says we can tackle them. we ought to first be with Tanvi and Aditya. Rakesh indicates them to permit elders do what they suppose is right. Don’t take the entirety on your fingers. Naina and Sameer insist upon uniting both the families nowadays itself. They go away.

Sameer, Naina, Aditya and Tanvi are at a bakery save. Sameer desires to celebrate the fact that each the families now know about their marriage. Naina says what in case you each needed to elope from the metropolis altogether. Sameer says what in case you guys hadn’t gotten married inside the first vicinity. Aditya says you men are growing the anxiety. Tanvi says Gauri aunty earlier used to call me lovingly. Now she became looking at me as if she can kill me. Aditya says some thing similar about Nirmala ji. Naina tells them to remember it as their examination. Tanvi asks them what they did to pacify their elders. We heard that your tale was similar. Sameer tells them now not to take thought from their story. you need to do matters in another way. They wonder as to how to pacify both the households. Tanvi and Aditya tell each other to observe a language or a topic to impress their households. Sameer teases them announcing that they do appear to be married couple proper now. Naina thinks of some thing and takes Tanvi with her to Gadkari house. Aditya tells Sameer to think about some thing for him too. He nods.

Naina gives a recipe e book to Tanvi. Make a Maharashtrian dish for Gauri aunty. She might forgive you. Sameer writes down some thing for Aditya in Marwari.

Voiceover – Naina:
revel in is a brilliant trainer. when you are caught someplace, visit someone who has been through it. it is my assure that you may discover a answer. Munna and Pundit had taught us a lot and we simply put it to apply for Aditya and Tanvi.

both Aditya and Tanvi get started out on their obligations. A music plays within the background.

Sejal comes returned with shopping baggage. Gauri asks her who is cooking inside the kitchen. Sejal replies that Tanvi is cooking. Gauri and Gopal panic. Gopal asks his spouse to prepare dinner some thing highly spiced for her. Tanvi comes there with Maharashtrian food for them. Sejal says wow in reaction.

Voiceover – Naina:
Be it these days or yesterday, castes, religions were a large wall. both the families knew every other on account that a long time but these walls were nonetheless there. we did incorrect through getting them married stealthily however each the households needed to understand that love is above everything else. We had decided to make it occur.

Preeti opens the door and finds Aditya, Naina and Sameer out of doors. Aditya goes interior and Naina and Sameer forestall with the aid of the door. we are able to move interior handiest whilst the shagun rite will take place.

Precap: Gauri tries to convince Nirmala ji for the alliance. Gopal asks his son to return domestic. This family wont apprehend your love. Sameer stops him. Aditya wont cross domestic without his Tanvi.


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