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Naina apologizes to Mami ji. Sameer says she become throwing it on me but you became the goal as I opened the door. Munna runs to bring towel. Mami ji appears at the mess. Munna scolds Naina for now not being cautious. He hands her the towel. Mami scolds Naina for making the palace a zoo. You stated you may make this house a home. is that this how a home is? She scoffs Sameer for Naina’s antic. people like her can only say big things. It isn’t her fault. She is habituated to it. How will she accommodate in a five celebrity form of residence? She has made it much like her domestic. Sameer tells her to mention everything at once to him handiest. She complains about the condition of the house. is that this a residence or dharamshala? She asks Munna and Pundit if they don’t have a place to live. Did you mother and father throw you from your houses? Naina says sorry to her however Mami ji maintains scolding her. let me realize if you can not take care of this residence. i’m able to make a few association. Sameer assures her it wont take place in future. She hopes it’s far true. i can should do some thing on my own otherwise. She gives him his admit card. both rating good marks or continue your life like this! She scolds Munna and Pundit to paintings on their future. visit your property. I said so much however you are standing here like shameless people! They leave. Mami ji tells her that love and marriage are two very various things. the earlier you recognize it the better. She leaves.

Tai ji and Tau ji are drinking tea but Tai ji is lacking Bela’s tea. Tau ji tells her to ask Bela what she used to put in tea. Tai ji says they may p.c. their bags and pass. It is ideal that you reduce the water connection. i’m able to see how Anand will invite his Boss on lunch and visit america. Anand stops at the brink recalling his brother’s words. He asks his brother how he can reduce his water connection. Tau ji says why we ought to be related even thru this when our members of the family are over. Tai ji reminds him that they got the motor for each the residence. Anand says I pay my proportion too. They firmly tell him that they don’t want to percentage anything with them. Anand asks for some time however Tau ji does no longer relent. We wont share some thing for even 2 seconds! you can leave now.

Mami ji is complaining to her husband on phone about what took place these days. You tried to explain to Sameer however he dint pay heed to us. Sameer’s pals got him married and now they may come to be the cause of his house falling apart. he will come to us soon and admit that he committed a mistake! the wedding wont last for greater than 6 months.

Naina is cleaning the mess lamentably. Sameer offers her water but she is still unhappy. He makes her sit down next to her. I know you considering that 4 years. I realize what you feel always. you know how Mami ji is. Naina says she become right. We cannot run a house like this. We should do some thing. He tries getting romantic however she does no longer want all of us to raise a finger on them in future. He smiles however apologizes to her seeing her mood. forget the whole thing and answer my query. Did you experience spending time with Preeti and our pals? She nods. He says that is our house and our life. It can not be a person else’s decision how we ought to stay our lfie. She says society wont take delivery of it. He reminds her that their love and marriage became additionally incorrect in the eyes of society however why can’t we be actual and enjoy matters the way we need to. we will clean the residence and meet our friends too. there’s no rule of going for walks a house. we are able to do as we please. We don’t ought to fear about each person else. Naina is concerned what if Mami ji says some thing to Chacha ji and Chachi ji. He says i can talk to them on my own. we are able to make our own policies and study things our way. we are able to pacify Mami ji if she receives indignant. we can invite her on dinner too. Naina likes the concept. we will invite her after exams. i’m able to examine some recipes from Chachi ji. He says there might be two consecutive exams then. She nods. i’m able to come first in both the checks. She raises her hand for high five however he asks for a hug as an alternative. She ducks and runs upstairs. He chases her.

Bela is miffed with Tai ji and Tau ji’s antic. We ought to cut their connection too. Anand does no longer need to become like them. Bela says we wont be capable of treat your Boss this way. If it keeps like this then they may virtually throw us out of our personal residence very soon. He insists that no one can throw them out of their residence.

Sameer sprays fragrance in his room. it’s time Mrs. Maheshwari. i can make the atmosphere such that you wont be able to say no. Downstairs, Naina makes guidance for his or her night examine. Mr. Maheshwari can be impressed. he’ll admit that his spouse is the exceptional. Sameer puts rose petals on the mattress and sets a romantic track within the background. Naina has readied a tumbler of heat milk for Sameer. I did what Chachi ji informed me to. Mr. Maheshwari might be impressed. She offers it to Sameer. He says you have come organized. She tells him that that is just the start. you’ll be inspired seeing the entire preps. He murmurs that this changed into what he was watching for. i have additionally made some preps. They need to show each different what they have finished. She wishes to show him first and asks him to shut his eyes. He complies. you’re mastering fast. She replies that she knows everything already. He opens his eyes in surprise. What do you imply? She asks him to cowl his eyes and lips and is going. this will be your exceptional marvel. He performs romantic track in the background. She might come wearing the new nightie. Naina suggests him the time table she has prepared for their observe sessions. Mujhe Meri Biwi se Bachao plays within the historical past.

Sameer tells Naina it’s time for his or her romance but she tells him that they have best one project now. He says French kiss but she points at the time desk. we have entire existence for romance! i’ve heard that one can not concentrate after moving into all this. we are able to do it after tests. He plays a song for her but then grabs the book unluckily. She too sits all the way down to study. She switches off the tune as it gets too noisy.

Voiceover – Sameer:
i was thinking of handiest one component nowadays. how to break out from studies? earlier I used to inform Naina I ought to pass home but what may want to I say this time? I determined to add a length of romance on this teacher’s time desk.

Precap: Sameer and Naina makes faces at each other from balcony. They spend a few satisfactory time with each other.


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