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Kanji changes cylinder. Naina pretends that she should have executed it however she had to knead dough. Sameer says you came here before me so I couldn’t do it. They cutely argue over it. She admits she does not know how to do it as Chachi ji used to send her and Preeti outside for different work rather than kitchen chores. She additionally realises that he is terrified of converting cylinder. He replies that he isn’t even afraid of lion. She says Sameer Maheshwari can do that and that but now not change cylinder. He teases her that she does no longer even recognise the distinction between jeera and ajwain. She picks up the roller to scare him and he runs away. Naina sends Kanji home for the day. i’ve achieved everything already. Sameer asks her why she did this however she refuses to speak to him. He says the same in return.

Taiji insists that she also had a proper on that. Tau ji says we nonetheless have a right over it. Bela factors out that Rakesh has taken money in return of it. Even Bhabhi ji said it as soon as that it can be given to naina. Tai ji lies that she in no way said anything like that. I had saved it for Pralay’s spouse. Anand asks them how they can ask for it from Naina now as she is married. They insist that Naina is married to a rich family now. she will have many such necklaces. Anand refuses however his brother tells his spouse to call Sameer’s Mama. tell them that Anand has stealthily given it to Naina. They stole it from us. Bela gives to provide her every other necklace instead but Anand desires to deliver it to Preeti in her marriage. Anand asks them to share the fee of that kundan necklace. Tau ji costs 1 lac. Anand consents to present his share (50k). He asks for a while. Tau ji wants it in writing. Tai ji brings a neighbour to be their witness.

Sameer is standing in the balcony whilst Naina is close to the pool. They make faces at each other. each of them are feeling hungry and head downstairs. He tells her no longer to make anything for him. i can make tea for myself. She tells him to make it on his own. He thinks he wont get meals these days. i’m able to have tea and biscuit. inner, Naina is irked with his tantrums. She abruptly realises that she left the fuel on. on the other hand, Sameer is looking for lighter. He is ready to mild it while she comes walking to the kitchen. She scolds him for not catching the odor of gas. She takes him outside. We wont go interior. He concurs. strong wind blows. the main door gets locked. They don’t have both keys or wallet.

Anand writes the letter as according to his brother’s wish. A neighbour stands there as witness. Bela cries silently. Tau ji tells the neighbour to join up it as well. these days even brothers are backstabbing each different so I want this paper. She signs it reluctantly. Tau ji offers the letter to his spouse. It isn’t just a bit of paper however a word of 50k. Tai ji takes the woman with her.

Bela tells her husband she isn’t mendacity. Bhabhi ji said that herself. Anand tells her he knows it. i can arrange this money in any case. I wont allow every body harm Naina at all. Naina shouldn’t understand about it. She guarantees him.

Sameer and Naina are sitting next to the pool. the key maker could be to be had tomorrow. they have got not anything to do not even research. he is glad that they’ll be loose for an afternoon. lets go to Mama ji’s house? She denies. He desires to visit Naina’s residence however she knows Chachi ji will scold her for no longer looking after the keys. They can not even visit hotel as they don’t have sufficient coins. They each recognize that they haven’t eaten some thing due to the fact that morning. She apologizes to him for preventing with him specially in front of Kanji. He says the identical about himself. I must have been quiet as you’re my obligation. She smiles. you are my responsibility too. They percentage an eye lock and hold hands. title song plays. Sameer decides to have poolside dinner. They go to bring food from outside. Sameer and Naina feed food to each different as they sit next to poolside. additionally they percentage a campa. He unexpectedly coughs. She pats at his again asking him if he’s excellent. Seeing her too near him, he asks for a lip kiss. She turns to move so he pretends to cough again. She realises he has been appearing. He asks her in the event that they need to do some thing else. I mean we can sleep. we have the excellent surrounding. shall we sleep now? She indicates snoozing inside the lawn. They head to the garden hand in hand.

He makes noises like tarzan. i can sleep in the lawn for the primary time. She jokes that it’s far as though she has been doing it considering childhood. She notices the mattress sheets placing there and spreads them at the floor. He shows her only to unfold one. we are able to cover ourselves with the opposite one so we will sleep. She says we will no longer sleep this night. we will lie down and communicate. He provides that it is going to be much like Mount Abu. They lie down. He tells her to choose one celebrity. i’m able to carry it for you. She selects him as a substitute and lies down next to him. He finds her staring at her. She says this is so quality. He holds her hand and turns in the direction of her. They lean nearer for a kiss but she slaps him cutely. I needed to kill a mosquito for saving my husband. He smiles.

Voiceover – Naina:
it’s far said that the newlyweds romance loads however Sameer and i have been preventing one minute and were smiling the following minute. Did it suggest that we needed to learn loads?

Precap Upcoming Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode update: Sameer asks Kanji wherein Rani of Jhansi has hid the far off. Kanji indicators him to look at the back of. Sameer turns and finds Naina obtrusive at him.


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