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YUDKBH 2 Aug episode begins with Sameer comes to kitchen. Naina inquires as to whether they truly accomplished something incorrectly. He denies. We will breeze through without a hitch simply like we have done it previously. Naina says you realize that Preeti and I have never battled with one another for even 60 minutes. How might we avoid each other for such a large number of days? She cries. Sameer holds her. Doorbell rings. It is Gadkari family. Aditya asks Sameer and Naina to accompany them yet Sameer denies. Aunt ji will feel awful. Aditya says I will feel awful in the event that you wont come. Vidaai capacity is finished. I have come to call you for Grahpravesh. I wont move from here on the off chance that you state no. Gopal and Gauri demand Rakesh to persuade Naina and Sameer or you can let Aditya and Tanvi additionally remain with you. Gadkari family, Sameer, Naina and Rakesh do Tanvi’s grahpravesh. Sejal and Naina take a blessing from Gauri.

Voiceover – Naina:
Both the sisters had an alternate story/bond. We talked an alternate tongue however there consistently is a scalawag in the story. Nirmala aunt was the antagonist of our story. Naina and Preeti attempt to converse with one another multiple occasions yet Nirmala ji does not give it a chance to happen even once. Naina is lost in considerations. Sameer requests that her tell the following plot. She says I have chosen a scene of two sisters. It will be an extremely enthusiastic scene. She feels discombobulated while talking and in the long run Naina goes out in Sameer’s lap. He freezes.

Doctor checks Naina. She illuminates Sameer that Naina is pregnant. Sameer advises her to check once more. This occurred in the past as well however it was causticity. She demands that Naina is 100% pregnant. Sameer expresses gratitude toward her. Doc disappears. Sameer embraces Naina. Aren’t you upbeat? She shakes her head. I am upbeat. He asks her for what good reason she is crying. She shares that she thought of Preeti the minute she heard this news. I have disclosed to her each uplifting news since adolescence. I wont almost certainly advise this to her today. He guarantees her that he will disclose to Preeti this news at any expense. He reminds her how they used to converse with one another on school days.

Sameer calls at Preeti’s home and addresses Nirmala ji in a woman’s tone. Would i be able to address Preeti? Nirmala ji gets suspicious hearing his voice yet Sameer persuades her with his falsehoods. Preeti takes the telephone. Nirmala ji heads inside. Sameer gives the telephone to Naina. Her eyes well up. Indeed, even Preeti turns enthusiastic. You aren’t stating anything yet it feels as though you are stating to such an extent. It feels as though we are talking after ages. Naina says you will be excited subsequent to hearing this uplifting news. Preeti inquires as to whether she got another sequential. Naina reveals to her that she is pregnant. She turns ordinary seeing Nirmala ji coming back to the room. Preeti compliments Naina and Sameer. Naina inquires as to whether she will go to the window around evening time. Preeti concurs. Naina expresses gratitude toward Sameer who grins sweetly at her. Nirmala ji gets some information about her Mami. For what reason did she call? Preeti concocts more lies. Her little girl’s wedding got fixed. Nirmala ji says we should go to Jodhpur for the wedding now. Preeti denies. She said she will approach Mumbai after her little girl’s wedding. The costs will be an excessive amount to shoulder. Nirmala ji gestures. Advise your relatives not to come here. Preeti gestures. Nirmala ji heads inside. Preeti hops with happiness.

Naina and Sameer are in their overhang. Preeti takes a gander at them from her kitchen window and calls Naina. It is extraordinary news. I was grinning for the duration of the day! I needed to move as well however Mummy ji is at home. Naina advises her to move now. Nobody is viewing. Preeti gets enthusiastic. Naina contacts her paunch. Sameer grins. Naina says I dint tell Papa yet. I needed you to be the first to know. Preeti proposes her to tell everybody and keep a gathering. Naina answers that gathering can’t occur without her. Them two turn passionate. Sameer advises her not to cry from today onwards as it influences the child as well. Preeti seconds Sameer. Try not to stress over me. I am certain this child will join us. Naina seeks after the equivalent. Favor us ruler that all is well. Preeti says Tathastu to her. Naina calls her frantic. Preeti closes the call and waves at Naina.

Nirmala ji inquires as to whether she was conversing with her sister. Preeti denies. Nirmala ji will not acknowledge it. Preeti lies that she was conversing with her mom. Nirmala ji says I will likewise converse with her. Give me the telephone. Preeti concedes that she was conversing with Naina as it were. Nirmala ji rehashes her notice to Preeti. Shubham advises her to regard his mom’s words atleast. Preeti shares that Naina is pregnant. She may require me so I was conversing with her. Nirmala ji advises her to remain with Naina at that point. Shubham guarantees her he will converse with Preeti.

Voiceover – Naina:
A few people realized how to escape every one of the deterrents. Preeti realized how to deal with the circumstance despite seemingly insurmountable opposition. She wasn’t going to go out nor was she going to walk out on me. She needed to think about an approach to ensure that Nirmala ji enables her to be with me all alone.

Sameer and Naina share the uplifting news with Rakesh who turns passionate and quiet for some time. He says thank you to them. You both gave me so much joy. I moved toward becoming Papa, FIL and now granddad. You both have made this poor man rich in light of relations. He wipes his tears. Epi finishes all over.

Precap: Everyone is commending somebody’s birthday. He wipes his tears feeling enthusiastic and embraces Sameer.


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