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Preeti chases Shubham around the house to play Holi. He complains that a couple of clothes getuinred because of his pageant. He shall we her observe colour on her face and covers his clothes.

Voiceover – Naina:
White coloration was very unique and crucial on Holi again then. It hasn’t modified an awful lot seven today. You don’t really need colours however love to have a good time Holi.

Neelima ji stops Preeti from applying color on her. Preeti signals Tanvi to get Shubham out of his hiding place. She keeps a 20 rupee notice at the ground. Preeti throws a handful of colour on him as he bends right down to pick out the note. He too applies shades to his wife and sister. Preeti throws color in his course once more but he shifts. The coloration falls on Neelima ji. She glares at Preeti.everyone is playing

Holi within the compound. Gopal and Rakesh follow colours to each other and percentage a hug. Rakesh attempts to wish Neelima ji as properly however she walks away. Shivani is looking for Sameer. Tanvi suggests dancing but Shivani desires to look forward to Sameer. Tanvi is going herself. Shivani thinks how to inform you that i’m so eager to apply colour on Sameer’s face. Please come, Sameer ji! protect asks her if she called him. She tells him to manipulate the counter once she goes. He assures her about it. She tells him to offer it to all people. Don’t consume on my own. He nods.
Aditya offers thandai to kids. Jatin asks him if he arranged Bhaang. Aditya says I can’t overlook an vital assignment like this. plain Thandai is in undeniable glass and Bhaang is in metallic glass. Shubham and Jatin get excited.

Naina apologizes to Neelima ji. you’re on this trouble due to us. it is our fault. Please don’t blame Preeti. Shubham says nobody did it intentionally. Neelima ji refuses to assist them of their internet of lies anymore. I wont help you anymore. Don’t even come to me to searching for assist! She walks away in a huff. Shubham tells them no longer to worry. Ma stated all that as she is a little concerned. Naina assures him that they’ll try to wind up Raghav’s tale these days itself. Naina and Preeti proportion a hug.

everyone attempts to push Naina and Raghav closer to each other during the dance. Rakesh and Sameer look uncomfortable. Naina walks away followed by means of Raghav. Sahiba says they might have gone to play Holi together. Vanita says I need them to recover from their troubles nowadays itself. There cannot be some thing better than this!

Naina comes to a nook. Raghav comes there as well. She starts to argue loudly with him so the girls can listen it. The colony members stroll away. Raghav asks Naina if humans fight like this even in real existence after marriage. It takes more power than in real combat! desire they heard us quarrelling!

Jatin, Sameer and Shubham speak about Naina and Raghav’s argument. Sameer and Shubham communicate negatively about it where Jatin says you both cannot see what i will. I experience she desires to stay with Raghav but no longer with his mother!

Voiceover – Sameer:
I wanted to overcome Raghav and all those praising him! I come what may controlled my anger that day or i might have regretted it all the time. The extra i used to be looking to separate Raghav from Naina, the greater those society people were trying to convey them close!

Shivani comes to play Holi with Sameer but he rudely tells her off and walks away.

Jatin reassures the ladies that Bhaang will make each person spill the beans. You all need Raghav and Naina to unite, right? Vanita says i can talk about this later. let me first provide this to Raghav and Naina.

Sameer liquids Bhaang.

Naina says i am hoping nobody tries to deliver Raghav and me near now. They must now feel things will in no way training session among the two folks! Vanita and Sejal provide Bhaang to Naina. Sejal takes Preeti to the counter to have Thandai. Naina gulps down 2 glasses. Vanita says now Naina’s coronary heart will talk.

Sameer keeps drinking Bhaang. he takes 2 glasses with him. Aditya smiles. today my brother will fly in the air! He wont simply dance!

Vanita and Sejal wonder if Naina is excellent.

Sameer sings / dances on Rang Barse. Naina and Raghav are dancing too. Shivani dances with Sameer. Naina and Sameer preserve turning towards every other but Shivani and Raghav pull them closer to themselves. Sameer eventually dances with Naina. Rakesh wonders if he has gone mad. Aditya tells him not to fear. He would possibly have had a little Bhaang. Rakesh is bowled over. Jatin joins Sameer and Naina for the dance. Sameer pushes Raghav away whilst dancing. Sejal attempts to make Raghav dance with Naina however she is thankfully dancing with Sameer. Gauri and Neelima ji say youngsters these days don’t worry what the elders will assume. Sameer holds Naina’s dupatta and dances carefully together with her. He covers them with her dupatta. everyone is shocked. They look down. Vanita asks them what’s going on. what is this nonsense? Naina and Sameer component. Gauri says this wont work in our society. Aditya says he may have had Bhaang by using mistake. a person says even Naina had Bhaang. Preeti asks them who gave her Bhaang. Shivani says that is what I notion. Sameer ji can’t do that. I believe him absolutely. She asks him to go away Naina’s hand. Vanita asks her why she is speaking in among. Shivani says he is my pal. Vanita calls Sameer shameless. he’s retaining the hand of a stranger in front of everyone! They emerge as arguing. Jatin tells Shivani to behave. Vanita blames him for spoiling Shivani.s cease her to her mother proper away! Shivani says I dint do whatever wrong. i like Sameer and he loves me! I wont listen some thing towards him! Vanita slaps her.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I felt as if we were given slapped instead of Shivani. someone fell inside the web of our lies for the primary time. We notion no person will be able to fall in problem because of us but we had been incorrect!

Precap: Sameer blames Vanita for doing so much drama. we have lied so in many instances to you! fact is that Raghav isn’t Naina’s husband! all and sundry seems at him in confusion.


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