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Absolutely everyone works collectively to make the exhibition a achievement. Mama ji and Poonam additionally come to the exhibition. Mama ji appreciates the ecosystem. He meets everyone one at a time and is surprised to see Rakesh there. It looks as if extraordinary circle of relatives characteristic / enterprise. You need to have known as Tau ji too. He asks Sameer if he wont contact his feet nowadays. Did you bid adieu to that lifestyle too? Sameer makes fists of both his palms and glares at him. He walks away observed via Naina. Mama ji calls him angry young man.

Naina asks Sameer why he got here right here. He says I dint call Mama ji right here. Why is he right here? She replies that she referred to as him here. all of us is here. How may want to I not name him? forget about about business, we are family. Sameer refuses to move inside until the time he goes inner. She tells him that

it is time to be smart. you believe you studied Mama ji would have instructed all of us that he driven you out of business? No! He could have said that you purchased angry and parted approaches with him. you’ll wreck the exhibition at the side of your mood through staying indignant. Smile please. He tells her he cannot pretend. She makes him promise her he wont get angry atelast. He nods. She takes him inside.
Sameer touches Mama ji’s toes. Mama ji compliments Naina for coaching her husband proper. i’m joking. I wish you all the good fortune and fulfillment. Make Kaku Sa proud anyplace he is! Sameer greets Poonam. Rakesh asks about Prabha. Mama ji stocks that she is staying busy nowadays. She is in Bombay. Who returns easily while you visit your mother and father’ residence? i’m having a ball right here. Poonam has taken price of enjoyable her obligation. He tells Poonam to shop for 11 portions for each the girls. inform all and sundry to shop for clothes from most effective Sameer’s boutique after nowadays. Poonam nods. Naina suggests their series to Poonam. Rakesh ask Mama ji to come back for tea. Mama ji asks him if he will give him Frootli once more today. He laughs pronouncing he changed into joking.

Mama ji asks Rakesh to make bill asap. we’re going to get a totally big order! Sameer keeps a 10% discount however Mama ji refuses. How a good deal will we shop through having discounts in small exhibitions? what is going to you save this manner? Sameer tells him to mention whatever he need but you your self will at some point see how plenty I grow and you may regret it. Pundit asks him to come back however Sameer tells Mama ji they have got offered eighty clothes until now. Mama ji says I thought you would have understood something until now but no. you are the nephew of Dinanath Maheshwari. all the humans present here have come because of my Kaku Sa’s name. Exhibition is like the wedding day. humans come to satisfy you, provide you with shagun, get images clicked and go away. Your real take a look at will start the next day. i will ask you the following day at 6 pm as to how many you dresses you have got sold in an afternoon. I turns into a salesman for you in case you promote extra than 2 clothes! you’ve got my phrase. He pays the invoice and walks out in a huff.

Naina and Sameer lie down quietly subsequent to every different however they’re considering Mama ji’s words.

Voiceover – Sameer:
it’s miles said that you have to maintain your pals close and enemies closer. I felt like preserving Mama ji there and communicate rudely to me as his words gave me an proposal to develop!

Sameer and Naina proportion that they can’t sleep. Naina tells him that they cannot prevent humans from speakme. we will only display patience like we showed these days. He says we stayed calm as it was just about the two of us. it’s miles about enterprise. How do we manipulate it alone? She repeats Nanu’s words. you’re taking 1000 days to set up something new. It changed into our first day. We wont let anything lag from our end. we will leave the rest on Krishna ji. He hugs her. She also suggests him to spend a little much less. She hits him with a pillow to convey a grin on his face.

Bela is thinking about jewellery for Preeti however notices Anand sitting alas. She tells him now not to worry for Preeti. He tells her he is worried for Naina. Kamlesh’s phrases are haunting me. She says we can’t do something about such a guy. he’s dissatisfied thinking about the tough instances both the youngsters should face. How am i able to see one daughter satisfied and any other sad? She tells him the whole thing can be pleasant. provide some time to Sameer. He just started his commercial enterprise. Anand is worried what if the business wont settle. I by no means thought Naina will have to undergo so many problems. He walks away leaving Bela at a loss for words.

subsequent morning, Naina and Sameer begin their day. Doorbell rings. They open the door excitedly wondering it will be their first purchaser however it seems to be Kanji. They alternate pleasantries. Sameer even peeks outside before remaining the door.

Voiceover – Sameer:
My heart became beating so fast that day however i was troubling Naina to maintain myself distracted. I dint want my fear to pop out before Naina. most effective actual happiness can cover your fears. i was doing the equal with Naina.

They chase every other around the residence and preserve searching returned at every different with hope. She cheers him up saying that the day has just begun. Kanji brings meals for them but Sameer tells him to carry it later. A lady enters. Naina asks Kanji to deliver cold drink for her.

Voiceover – Sameer:
That female seemed n much less than God to us.

Naina indicates the woman all of the clothes however she ends up inquiring for kerchief as a substitute. Naina tells her it’s far a designed boutique where they only preserve fashion designer clothes. The lady says it’s far okay. I idea you’ll have it as your store is so huge. She leaves. Naina is irked however Sameer calms her down.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Timing is the maximum critical factor. First client did come however we had been as much as her necessities.

Precap: Mama ji is at Samaina Boutique. Naina guarantees Mama ji that they may develop a lot earlier than the way he has grown in beyond two decades (by using doing hook and criminal). We most effective request you to inspire us just like this!


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