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YUDKBH 3 Aug episode begins with The reality show ‘It’s a matter of those days’ is quite interesting at the turn. The show aired on TV showed that Naina and Sameer tell good news to the people of the society and all the people are happy to hear this and start dancing. Naina remembers Preeti and then Aditya makes Naina and Preity talk. During this, Sujal presents Ganapati to Naina. The same Gauri provides breakfast to all the people. Rakesh goes to make tea for everyone and then Gauri and Sujal tell Naina some ways to take care of everyone. Preeti listens on the phone. In the hands of Nirmala Shubham, she gives luggage to Tanvi’s house. Nirmala says bad to Naina-Sameer, then Shubham explains that don’t tell them anything. Preeti tells Nirmala that she is feeling dizzy. Nirmala thinks she is doing drama.

Preity lies to Nirmala that she is pregnant. Hearing this, Shubham and Nirmala become very happy. Preeti asks everyone to hide it for 3 months. Hearing about Preity’s pregnancy, Nirmala asks Shubham to offer sweets. Naina and Sameer prepare to celebrate Rakesh’s birthday. Naina also thinks of giving a birthday gift to Rakesh. Sameer gives the idea to Naina but he does not like it. Naina asks Rakesh to know his choice that if God comes in front of you, what will you ask of him? Rakesh says that I will ask to go to the moon. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Today Written Updates

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Today Written Updates

Pratiti starts roaming about tension, only then Nirmala builds the thread of the temple. Preeti says that nothing looks good, even in this happy moment, she has no one to talk to. Preeti says that it is good to have Nain together at such times. She says that we both take good care of each other. Preeti does immoral torture at Nirmala and Shubham. Plan the gift of Sameer-Naina.

Naina raises Rakesh in the night and asks him about the gift about turning around. Rakesh refutes his scooter in front of Nair-Naina. Naina and Sameer come to Idea for Gift. All the people of the society make preparations for Rakesh’s Birthday. Rakesh comes to the house, all in the dark, he does his birthday. Then Preeti and Shubham come there. All of them celebrate Rakesh’s birthday.

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