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Shivani says I dint do anything incorrect. i love Sameer and he loves me! I wont pay attention something towards him! Vanita slaps her. Sejal whispers that they came here ot unite Raghav and Naina. How did Shivani’s love story pop up? Jatin asks Shivani if she drank bhang too. Do you apprehend whatever? She nods. She admits that she loves Sameer. Vanita tells her to stop her nonsense however Shivani repeats her words. Sameer finally ends up saying that it’s far they who create dramas. all of us might be quiet now! Now you all could be quiet. You guys just aren’t aware of it! Naina tries to stop him however he says you constantly say that we ought to most effective lie till the time that lie does not hurt all people! reality is that Raghav isn’t Naina’s husband! Sameer says Naina is my spouse! each person is stunned. He tells the whole thing separately. Sameer says our lies are bothering two human beings right here. He turns to Naina. Forgive me for not listening to you however I cannot live with this burden anymore! I feel so mild after telling the reality. Please forgive me. She says i’m no longer disillusioned with you. i am happy with you as you notion about others before you. She turns to Vanita. Our reality is out in open now. you could throw us out of the society if you want. We got here here with a dream. Your situations made us lie so much that we got stuck! We never lied to hurt all people. We lied so there may be no obstacle in pleasurable Sameer’s dream. we will receive your selection.

Vanita steps forward. She looks at Naina and Sameer and ends up hugging Naina. anybody smiles in remedy. thank you for saving Shivani’s life. Jatin thank you Sameer as properly. You aren’t a incorrect man. You concept about Shivani before your self. I recognise my sister. She may have accomplished something incorrect! Shivani looks down. Aditya praises his pal. all of us lies nowadays but who admits it! he is a gem! Preeti says i will bet they can’t damage every body. Naina hugs her sister. Sameer tells Shivani she wouldn’t have been harm if he hadn’t lied. She admits she felt terrible. He says sorry to her. She asks him to compensate via looking DDLJ along with her. Naina may even be part of us. Jatin says we will additionally be a part of you. He tells Raghav no longer to worry. you’ll get your process. Gopal says all’s nicely that stop’s properly. Gauri says it is an auspicious day that’s why the whole thing has come clear. Rakesh says one factor is left – i used to be never mad! everybody laughs. Gopal jokes that the one who is affected says that handiest. Rakesh says you can get me tested. Gopal says it isn’t required.

Voiceover – Sameer:
the whole thing that became going towards us till the previous day changed into assisting us today! Now the society turned into our buddy!

Vanita, Sejal and Sahiba are taking a walk. They speak of Naina and Sameer’s tale. Preeti says they did a lot to be with each different. Naina says I delivered our college images to inform you more about us. Vanita takes the album from her.

the men are playing cricket. Jatin talks excitedly about Sameer’s love lifestyles. Shubham says Preeti informed me their tale. It turned into fantastic! Jatin is curious to recognize greater. Shubham stocks that story about the bet.

Naina and Sameer are thankfully sharing their past with the society participants who continue to tease them.

Sameer stocks the issues that they needed to undergo to get married. Jatin jokes that Rakesh also had a hassle with matters. Aditya says desire I may want to have a love tale like that too. they ask him if they will permit someone slap them like Sameer. He denies. Sameer and Naina tell every other the identical element at the equal time. Vanita says this is what their connection is ready. Your love story is exciting. Your lies have been all of the more exciting although! They recommendation Naina and Sameer to write down memories alternatively.

Voiceover – Naina:
It felt as if the society participants had universal us. Sejal become proper. Cooking memories and actually making memories may be very one of a kind!

Sameer tells that he has informed the reality to the ad people too. Naina adds that we have heard that Mumbai offers you any other danger if you can dare to be honest. Sameer nods. i can make full use of this possibility now! Rakesh calls out to Sameer. there may be a call for you. Sameer goes.

Sameer attends the call and unearths out that he has been supplied any other ad. He tells this to Naina from the balcony. anyone congratulates them. Naina rushes upstairs. Rakesh plays radio. They proportion a set hug as quickly as she enters.

Sameer is at his shoot. Naina laughs hearing the script. You aren’t like the easy straight guy as the guy within the ad. live like this even at home. he makes a instantly face. She offers to assist him enact it. He factors out that this isn’t the age where dialogues are said / examine like Meena Kumari. She says the traces are precisely of that era. trade the lines. How can cooker update a spouse? change the road a bit. She does some changes. The director hears her and asks her to repeat it. She receives tensed. i am sorry. i was joking. I could be quiet now. He tears the script. You don’t have to say some thing now. you’ll write what you stated. thank you. That line suits my product flawlessly! am i able to use your line for my product if you agree? Naina and Sameer take a look at him in confusion. She permits him to apply her line. Sameer shoots the advert in a single go along with Naina’s communicate. Director receives impressed. He arms an envelope to each of them and walks out. Naina and Sameer look at their respective cheques in disbelief and wonder.

Voiceover – Naina:
Mumbai accepts you wholeheartedly. perhaps Mumbai eventually regular us that day. We were getting the implausible fruits of our labour! We understood our price on that day!

Precap: Naina and Sameer hold their first cheque of their residence temple. they bring about stuff for the residence and Rakesh who pats their backs proudly.


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