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Kanji changes cylinder. Naina pretends that she ought to have done it but she had to knead dough. Sameer says you got here right here earlier than me so I couldn’t do it. They cutely argue over it. She admits she does no longer recognize the way to do it as Chachi ji used to ship her and Preeti outside for different work in place of kitchen chores. She also realises that he is frightened of converting cylinder. He replies that he isn’t always even afraid of lion. She says Sameer Maheshwari can try this and that but no longer trade cylinder. He teases her that she does no longer even recognize the difference between jeera and ajwain. She choices up the roller to scare him and he runs away. Naina sends Kanji domestic for the day. i’ve accomplished everything already. Sameer asks her why she did this but she refuses to speak to him. He says the identical in go back.

Taiji insists that she additionally had a proper on that. Tau ji says we still have a right over it. Bela points out that Rakesh has taken money in return of it. Even Bhabhi ji said it once that it can take delivery of to naina. Tai ji lies that she by no means said anything like that. I had stored it for Pralay’s spouse. Anand asks them how they could ask for it from Naina now as she is married. They insist that Naina is married to a rich own family now. she can have many such necklaces. Anand refuses but his brother tells his wife to call Sameer’s Mama. inform them that Anand has stealthily given it to Naina. They stole it from us. Bela offers to provide her another necklace as an alternative however Anand wants to provide it to Preeti in her marriage. Anand asks them to percentage the fee of that kundan necklace. Tau ji quotes 1 lac. Anand concurs to present his percentage (50k). He asks for a while. Tau ji desires it in writing. Tai ji brings a neighbour to be their witness.

Sameer is status within the balcony even as Naina is close to the pool. They make faces at each other. each of them are feeling hungry and head downstairs. He tells her now not to make whatever for him. i can make tea for myself. She tells him to make it on his own. He thinks he wont get food today. i will have tea and biscuit. inner, Naina is irked together with his tantrums. She suddenly realises that she left the gasoline on. then again, Sameer is seeking out lighter. He is ready to light it when she comes walking to the kitchen. She scolds him for now not catching the scent of gasoline. She takes him out of doors. We wont pass interior. He has the same opinion. robust wind blows. the main door receives locked. They don’t have either keys or wallet.

Anand writes the letter as per his brother’s desire. A neighbour stands there as witness. Bela cries silently. Tau ji tells the neighbour to sign up it as well. these days even brothers are backstabbing every different so I need this paper. She signs and symptoms it reluctantly. Tau ji offers the letter to his wife. It isn’t just a chunk of paper but a word of 50k. Tai ji takes the lady with her.Bela tells her husband she isn’t mendacity. Bhabhi ji stated that herself. Anand tells her he knows it. i will arrange this money anyways. I wont let all people harm Naina in any respect. Naina shouldn’t understand approximately it. She promises him.
Sameer and Naina are sitting subsequent to the pool. the important thing maker may be available the following day. they’ve not anything to do no longer even studies. he is happy that they may be free for an afternoon. we could go to Mama ji’s house? She denies. He desires to visit Naina’s house but she is aware of Chachi ji will scold her for now not taking care of the keys.

They can not even visit resort as they don’t have sufficient coins. They each realise that they haven’t eaten some thing due to the fact morning. She apologizes to him for fighting with him in particular in front of Kanji. He says the same approximately himself. I need to were quiet as you are my obligation. She smiles. you are my responsibility too. They proportion an eye fixed lock and keep palms. identify song performs. Sameer makes a decision to have poolside dinner. They go to convey food from outside. Sameer and Naina feed meals to each other as they take a seat subsequent to poolside. additionally they share a campa. He suddenly coughs. She pats at his lower back asking him if he’s satisfactory. Seeing her too near him, he asks for a lip kiss. She turns to head so he pretends to cough again. She realises he has been acting. He asks her in the event that they need to do some thing else. I suggest we will sleep. we’ve the first-rate surrounding. we could sleep now? She indicates sleeping in the garden. They head to the garden hand in hand.

He makes noises like tarzan. i’m able to sleep in the garden for the first time. She jokes that it is as if she has been doing it considering formative years. She notices the bed sheets striking there and spreads them on the floor. He indicates her most effective to unfold one. we can cover ourselves with the alternative one so we are able to sleep. She says we can now not sleep tonight. we can lie down and communicate. He adds that it will likely be similar to Mount Abu. They lie down. He tells her to choose one star. i can bring it for you. She selects him rather and lies down next to him. He reveals her gazing her. She says this is so pleasant. He holds her hand and turns toward her. They lean closer for a kiss however she slaps him cutely. I needed to kill a mosquito for saving my husband. He smiles.

Voiceover – Naina:
it’s far stated that the newlyweds romance a lot however Sameer and that i have been combating one minute and were smiling the subsequent minute. Did it mean that we had to learn loads?

Precap: Sameer asks Kanji in which Rani of Jhansi has hid the faraway. Kanji signals him to look behind. Sameer turns and reveals Naina obtrusive at him.


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