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YUDKBH 5 Apr Episode Naina asks Sameer who it changed into. He lies that it changed into Bhaiya. i am bored of economics. let’s observe some thing else. They head upstairs.

Munna and Pundit are looking the suit. Sameer also joins them. He has lied to Naina that he will be again asap. They happily watch the suit. Munna goes to convey samosas for them.

Tau ji asks Anand if he intends to go back the money. Anand nods. It is not possible till night! You must have saved something. i can go back you your cash quickly. Please use your savings as of now. Tai ji says I knew they will try and entice us of their trap. we’ve stored it for Pralay. Fulfil your promise. We wont sit quietly while you show us your colors! Anand repeats that he guarantees to go back it in per week however Tau ji asks him if he will devour a week later in case he

feels hungry these days. Anand concurs to go back it via night. Tau ji goes. Bela asks her husband how he will set up any such big amount by way of evening. can we use the FD made for Preeti’s wedding ceremony? Anand tells her in opposition to it. i will take loan from Govind Sir. He calls his Boss.
Naina makes cheela. Kanji asks her what she is making. She replies that Sameer likes them. He says you love every different simply as a great deal as you both combat. She says I don’t fight with him. Kanji laughs. My spouse says the equal factor. She is shocked. you are already married? I also have a kid. We were given married early. She says it is the same case with us. We got married early. He says there’s a difference. there’s childishness to your wedding ceremony whilst our marriage passed off in a comparable way! They each smile.

Munna desires to pee however Sameer does no longer let him go everywhere.

Kanji washes the utensils. Naina wonders why Sameer is taking a lot time in photocopying.

Sameer smiles quietly seeing Munna’s plight. They don’t permit him stand up even if he pleads them to.

Voiceover – Sameer:
i have heard it from youth that we should recognize time. I understood it that day as I should pass my time without difficulty but Naina couldn’t. I additionally understood any other aspect very surely that day. a while of returning domestic comes to a decision the place where you will sleep!

Sameer gets up to move and so does Munna but Pundit does no longer want them to head everywhere. Sameer reasons that India has gained already. He warns Munna not to move an inch from his location. you’ve got my swear. He leaves.

Naina appears at the watch.

Tau ji has known as the neighbour (witness) once more. It is ideal if she is here so no person can question any folks in destiny. Bela gives them tea however Tai ji asks for money. Anand stocks that he couldn’t arrange money. I attempted taking mortgage from workplace but they said no. Tau ji advises him to interrupt his FD. Anand says it’s miles for Preeti’s marriage. Tai ji says she will be able to additionally entice a wealthy man like Naina. She have to have learnt this from her elder sister. Bela tells her to assume before speakme however Tai ji stays put. you’ll have added Naina and Preeti in a comparable way. Anand tells them not to say another word. you may get money a day later. Tau ji asks him if this is how he will speak to elders. we will ask Naina to return the necklace if you don’t go back the money to us by day after tomorrow! They leave. Bela and Anand are tensed.

Sameer comes domestic however realises that he dint deliver notes from Munna’s house. He leaves for Munna’s house once more.

Naina is fearful of the dark. Please come home quickly Sameer. She closes the windows. She is startled to listen a noise and additionally notices a shadow close to the window. Gumnam Hai Koi track plays. She hides in the back of the mattress and chants Hanuman Chalisa. where is Sameer? Is he in some problem? Please keep him Lord. Come domestic soon, Sameer.

Sameer returns home and runs upstairs. She runs closer to him listening to his voice and hugs him tight. He asks her why she is scared. She tells him to be quiet. someone is there. He offers to test. She is reluctant but he takes her with him. i’m right here. nothing will occur. She points on the shadow. Sameer realises that the shadow was coming due to his clothes and cap putting on the wall. She hugs him tight. He jokes that atleast his jacket could scare her. You wouldn’t have hugged me this tight otherwise. She breaks the hug. i used to be scared. where were you? He ends up confessing that he went to Munna’s residence to observe India Pak suit. She glares at him. He tries to provide an explanation for however she gets angry with him for mendacity to her. He says I needed to make India win the suit. She calls him a real patriot. How does it count number in case you fail tests? He says why i’m able to fail. I just overlooked analyzing a day. She asks him if he concept about his spouse who’s staying by myself at home. He reasons that he’s going to visit work in destiny even as she will stay at domestic. it will likely be the equal element. She calls him a liar. till the previous day, you used to misinform your own family for me and now you deceive me to go away. It’s not even a month due to the fact we were given married and i’m able to see your real shades already. He says I just went to see the suit. there may be no damage in it. She reminds him that he used to miss fits inside the beyond so he ought to meet her. He replies that in advance they used to meet only for two hours. Now we are together for 24 hours! She closes the door on his face angrily. He requests his darling spouse to open the door however in vain.

Bela thinks of speakme to Naina however Anand does now not want to take their benefits returned from their daughter. She asks him from in which he’ll return this amount to Bhaisahab. he is sure this time will skip. it is saddening that a brother is doing all this along with his own brother over such petty matters!

Sameer comes interior his room. He stops himself from waking Naina and brings radio. He plays it but unfortunately, the commentator speaks of India Pak in shape. He changes the channel wherein a story of a newly married couple performs where the fellow is lying to his spouse over some thing.

Voiceover – Sameer:
The timing of the whole thing worsens whilst it slow is incorrect. fortunately, Naina changed into sleeping or she wouldn’t have spared me!

Sameer quietly lies down subsequent to Naina.

Precap: Naina is hiding some thing. Sameer asks her what’s right here to cover. She says what’s there to reveal. He appears at her closely as she runs upstairs.


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