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Rakesh’s birthday celebrations maintain. The ladies chuckle as the men dance. Naina hugs Preeti tightly in the kitchen. I cannot inform you how satisfied i am. Aunty stated no. How did you come back then? Preeti tells her the fact. Naina says what if a person reveals out that lied. you will be punished once more. Preeti assures her she can take care of the whole lot. your infant’s Massi is here. Naina is concerned that they might be caught. Preeti is effective they will manipulate it much like they have got managed so many things in the beyond. Sameer calls out to them. we must give Papa ji his gift.

Shubham, Naina and Preeti carry Rakesh downstairs. He asks them if they added his scooter from Ahmedabad. Naina tells him to watch for some time. you may find out. Sameer comes in a automobile and offers the keys to Rakesh. This

is your birthday gift. Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman performs. Rakesh is crushed. He hugs his youngsters one by one. Arjun always used to mention that he will purchase me a automobile. My daughter and SIL did what my son couldn’t do. Sameer shares that this automobile is second hand however it’s miles to your name. we will additionally power it occasionally. Rakesh nods. Preeti asks for a trip. The youngsters sit down first to tease him however then Rakesh fingers the key to Rakesh and sits with Naina and Preeti at the bottom.
next morning, Rakesh tells Naina to examine the photographs of hero and heroines within the morning. Sameer brings posters of scientists and extraordinary human beings. Rakesh and Sameer argue cutely over how the baby would be. Naina tells them not to combat. put both the posters and permit the toddler determine what the child wants to be. Rakesh and Sameer again bicker over the form of pram they will bring for the infant. Naina again tells them to bring both the prams. Sameer asks her if they are having twins. She denies. Rakesh and Sameer hold arguing sweetly over a pram with lights or a wood pram. Naina ultimately broadcasts her selection – I need peace. Rakesh tells her to name the baby Shanti if it’s a girl. She shushes both of them. i’ve been trying to write and rest however you each are speakme nonstop. Sameer takes Rakesh outdoor and tells him that his kind of pram is the best. Rakesh tells him no longer to educate him whatever. Preeti asks Sameer about Naina. He asks her about her preference of pram. In haste, she replies that they should carry each the prams. It wont go in waste.

Preeti hugs Naina. I can not believe it. it’s miles real that your want gets fulfilled while you want it from your coronary heart. Naina concerns if her lie were given caught. Preeti denies. i’m truely going to be a mother. Naina is thrilled. Preeti tells her that even as appearing pregnant she truly ended up turning into pregnant.

Voiceover – Sameer:
You should have heard it from the elders that the thoughts you believe you studied upon or talk upon come true. Preeti had thought some thing comparable. Her excuse came out to be actual. God fulfilled her wish as she was our Hanuman in the end.

Preeti and Naina talk baby names in the balcony. they’re able to narrow down a good deal more on child woman names and can not think of any boy names. Preeti makes a decision to inform Shubham to deliver a ebook with infant names. Naina goals of being strict with her toddler at times and being relentless at others. They hold speakme. Nirmala ji looks at them from her balcony. i’m certain they ought to be gossiping about me whereas i’m struggling here in kitchen. i will do this a good deal for my grandson. Preeti can’t live at domestic for even a second and he or she appears so happy there at her sister’s location. They subsequently notice Nirmala ji. Preeti waves at her. Naina stands there with a directly face. Preeti deliberately hugs Naina. Mummy ji should be all crimson. She could sense like throwing her rolling stone at me. Nirmala ji echoes her mind to herself. Naina wants to pacify Nirmala ji first. Preeti nods. I want to first experience my freedom. it is due to this child. anybody will do business from home and i can subsequently relaxation a bit. They maintain their communique (in mute). Hum Dono Hain Alag Alag performs within the heritage.

Voiceover – Sameer:
It became constantly Preeti and Naina for me who popped in my head each time I heard of that song. They had been usually as much as something.

Naina and Preeti decide to eat Panipuri. They discover Sameer and Rakesh coming with Panipuri and Imli. Naina tells them about Preeti’s pregnancy. They congratulate her. Sameer comments that their timing is wonderful considering the fact that childhood. Rakesh is sure Anand and Bela ought to be extremely joyful. She nods. they all take a seat down. Rakesh tells Preeti he’ll carry God’s picture for her room. Your MIL wont like anything else. Preeti shares that Shubham has completed it already. The Panipuri birthday celebration starts.

Voiceover – Sameer:
God takes from one hand and gives from every other. We went thru some thing similar. We left all our cherished ones behind and shifted to a brand new area however we determined the whole lot in Mumbai. Preeti, Papa ji, Naina and i were staying like a group in Mumbai. Now new contributors were going to enroll in our group.

Rakesh and Sameer talk to Vanita about buying a house on this society itself. Vanita shows them to buy the flat wherein they’re already staying. The owner wants to sell it. they’re thrilled and finalise the quantity off papers. Sameer thanks Vanita.

Sameer does now not allow Naina bend down or do any household work. Sameer tells Naina that he’s going to purchase this house for his or her baby. She is pleased at the notion of getting their own residence. Are you critical? He nods. Vanita ji is assisting me with the house deal. She rests her head on his shoulder excitedly as she thanks him. He says we left everything in Ahmedabad however now we can have our very own residence in a town like Mumbai. it’s far a large issue, proper? She nods and starts speakme about her plans for the residence.

Voiceover – Sameer:
all of us says that you have end up a hit when you have offered a house in Mumbai. In those days we could feel that we have been getting some thing we had wanted for. It was less complicated to buy a residence in Mumbai again then. humans can faint listening to the property charges in Mumbai today.

Precap: Sameer’s Mama and Poonam come to Sameer’s residence. Naina touches their ft but Rakesh asks her why she is bending down.


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