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YUDKBH 5 Aug episode begins with Nirmala ji has supplied a great deal of stuff for Tanvi. She advises Shubham to offer it to Tanvi. Nothing happened how we would have preferred it to in light of Naina and Sameer. Shubham reasons that things turned out badly due to Aditya and Tanvi. Naina and Sameer rather helped them fix everything. Nirmala ji stays put. Shubham talks about Naina’s condition yet Nirmala ji will not move. Preeti is strolling when she holds her head. Shubham inquires as to whether she is fine. Nirmala ji says she should be sick. Preeti answers that she is feeling bleary eyed. Nirmala ji says you more likely than not eaten something incorrectly. Rest in your room. Preeti says I feel pukish at whatever point I attempt to rest. Shubham recommends taking her to doc. Nirmala ji calls it pardons however Shubham thinks that its certified. Preeti attempts to clarify it isn’t common kind.

Nirmala ji counters her once more. Preeti shares that every one of the side effects insight that she is pregnant. Shubham embraces her without paying notice to his mom. She hacks to divert the couple. Shubham helps Preeti plunk down. Nirmala ji asks her for what valid reason she dint tell prior. Preeti says I thought to affirm it first after what had occurred with Naina. Nirmala ji says I can see your face and comprehend everything. You have to deal with yourself now. Preeti says we should not tell anybody this news for the initial 3 months. Shubham goes to offer desserts to Lord. Nirmala ji approaches her work. Preeti apologizes to God for lying. This is the best way to be near Naina. If you don’t mind bolster me. Naina understands that Rakesh’s birthday is expected soon. Sameer says I dint think about it. Naina answers that they have never commended it till date. Sameer chooses to praise it today. This year is exceptionally extraordinary for us. We will praise all the cheerful snapshots of our life. The infant ought to likewise know how cool his Papa is.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Cool word was so unprecedented back then however it is a normal word these days. Language changes with time thus does their importance.

Naina and Sameer talk about the gathering plans. He advises her to just request him and he will do everything. She talks about a blessing. His thoughts of a blessing are quite exhausting according to Naina. Individuals choose of such presents for relatives who they don’t visit much. Rakesh asks them what they were examining about. Naina asks them what blessing he would need from God in the event that he all of a sudden shows up. Rakesh talks about everybody’s prosperity and their bliss. The infant ought to be sound, be it a young lady like Naina or a kid like Sameer. Naina instructs him to think about a present for himself. Rakesh shares that he needs to visit the moon. She guides him to consider something which is conceivable to accomplish. He jokes that he needs to fly a plane. Sameer advises Naina to leave it alone. Daddy ji can’t consider it!

Preeti plunks down when Nirmala ji gets back home. She ties a blessed string on her wrist. Shubham wheels in Dadi. He advises her not to be stuck in maturity musings but rather Nirmala ji reveals to him that Preeti and her future child need it. Preeti seems fretful. It is extraordinary news yet I can’t impart it to anybody. Nirmala ji discloses to her that they are with her and for her. Dadi rings ringer. Preeti says you need to talk about certain things with (Naina). She stops mid sentence. Leave it. allow me to cry. Shubham reveals to her that it would influence the child seriously. Preeti says Naina used to clarify likewise. We will move toward becoming moms yet we can’t talk about this together. It would have been so great yet what would i be able to do now. I wont address Naina. I will attempt to be cheerful. I will experience the torment and issue without anyone else. Vanita said that stressing isn’t useful for an infant. I will stress as my sister isn’t with me. Shubham reveals to her that he is with her. I will oversee everything. Nirmala ji brings water for her. Preeti again apologizes to God for misleading everybody particularly Shubham. He will be so stung. You know why I am doing this however. Nirmala ji inquires as to whether she said something. Preeti shakes her head and wipes her tears.

Naina and Sameer are as yet pondering Rakesh’s blessing. Sameer considers it a troublesome assignment. Naina inquires as to whether they ought to ask Rakesh. Sameer says once more? Naina switches on the lights and awakens Rakesh. He inquires as to whether all is well. He gestures. She sees the books close to his bed. Rakesh says I am understanding them from now so I can describe them to the child. I have been a custodian all things considered! She asks him a proposal. There is an uncle whose birthday is coming. He is as extraordinary for us as you seem to be. Think about what we should give him. Keep it reasonable. Rakesh says my bike in Ahmedabad was the most extraordinary for me. I will ask Anand to send it tomorrow. Sameer and Naina grin. They offer him goodnight and head to their room.

Voiceover – Sameer:
In those days, the stylistic theme and nourishment things for birthday events were exceptional. I thought about how Papa ji and Chacha, Chachi would have commended their birthday events before that age. I thought to observe Papa ji’s birthday this time so he can have a few recollections of his extraordinary day. You also ought to ask your folks how they commended their birthday celebrations. On the off chance that they don’t have such recollections, make them.

Preeti professes to be vexed at whatever point Nirmala ji takes a gander at her. Rakesh returns home and finds the house all dim. He lifts a stylistic theme thing thinking their strength be a hoodlum however is shocked to see everybody fly out of their concealing spot all of a sudden. Naina comes there with a cake. Everybody sings birthday tune for him. Shubham and Preeti come there also. Preeti embraces Rakesh and Naina individually. Aditya lights a flame and they applaud together. Adorable tune plays out of sight as Rakesh cuts the cake. He wipes his tears feeling enthusiastic and embraces Naina and Preeti. Naina and Preeti likewise share an embrace.

Precap: Rakesh gets a vehicle as his birthday present. He embraces his children sweetly. Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman plays.


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