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Constable asks Naina and Sameer to step outdoor. Sameer and Naina get tensed.

Vishakha asks approximately Sameer. Munna finally ends up pronouncing that he went to search for hotel booking (for honeymoon). Pundit covers it up with any other excuse. Vishakha asks them in the event that they added Ganesh ji’s new idol for the haldi ceremony. They go uqiet. Vishakha says she does not like Naina but Sameer is my son in the end.

Constable asks Sameer and Naina to step outdoor. Sameer makes Naina hold the tea cup. He drives away as quickly as she does so. The tea finally ends up spilling over his t-blouse.

Munna tells Vishakha that the entirety might be right here through day after today evening. Pundit adds that they have got sold the whole lot as in line with Sameer’s desire listing. She asks them if they advised Sameer. They nod. She wonders why he isn’t here but. i am death to peer him. Munna excuses himself to check on the tailor. Pundit too rushes downstairs making an excuse before Vishakha. Vishakha starts looking across the residence. She recalls her ultimate meeting with Sameer.

Sameer stops the automobile at an intersection. He heaves a sigh of comfort. She asks him what if they got caught with the aid of police. He insists that they may be around to get married. It isn’t a criminal offense to spend time along with your could-be spouse. They emerge as arguing cutely. She hits the radio with the aid of mistake. Jane Do Na music begins playing. They each have a look at every different. Sameer confesses that he chose this song in particular to play for her at fanatics point. She finally ends up smiling. He calls her fighter (ladaki). She says i’m Maha Ladaki. There are nevertheless 2 days inside the wedding. suppose via. He says I take delivery of you the manner it is. Promise to be like this even after the wedding. She rues that their remaining assembly earlier than wedding ceremony turned out to be like this. he is glad. we can tell this to every person mainly our kids. i am Maha Pagal in any case. you may suppose. You too have 2 days time. They promise each other that they may all the time stay like this. The track resumes gambling. He recommendations for a lip kiss again. She runs away. Sameer smiles.

Bela shows the stuff that has come from Sameer’s family for Naina to Phula Bua. Phula Bua indicates leaving for the Bhavan in nighttime. We must make preps for the following day’s haldi characteristic. Bela nods. Anand stands there misplaced in idea. He stocks that he’s considering Rakesh. How can or not it’s feasible with out him? Bhabhi isn’t letting me meet him in non-public. My self-respect isn’t permitting me to visit her house. I wont be able to cross there after the manner they disrespected me and Bela. what is going to we tell the household whilst they may ask about Rakesh? I dint tell Naina the reality. Naina overhears it. Anand says I shouldn’t have lied to her but how should I inform her the truth. Phula Bua is satisfied that he dint inform Naina some thing or she would have been sulking lamentably in a few nook today. She continues to be hopeful about her father coming to her wedding. desire it reaches Rakesh telepathically and he concurs to return to the marriage. He hopes it comes out to be proper. Naina receives wondering.

Sameer meets his mom and is amazed. She says your friends dint let you know. He reasons that they’re coping with so many matters straight away. they could have forgotten. He thanks her for coming over even after something took place. They percentage a hug. She tells him that her elder son is getting married in the end. He tells her that he missed her plenty. i was thinking about your likes whilst i was searching out the residence and stuff to shop for for the house. Vishakha asks him where he changed into. Sameer lies to her that he went to distribute the playing cards. Mami ji comes there just then and asks him if he met with an twist of fate. Sameer denies. She insists that it did happen. was there a person with you? changed into it Naina? He smiles. It changed into certainly Naina. the ones we adore by no means cross faraway from us. He indicates his mom to see the house once it is renovated absolutely. He says the identical to Mami ji.

Juhi asks Arjun if he still loves Shefali. I noticed you reacting when the men took her name. Arjun denies. I felt awful as they have been disrespecting a girl. i’d have achieved the same if they had executed it with another lady. She again asks him the main question. Do you still love Shefali? He remains silent for a moment after which finally ends up telling her how he fell for Shefali. She later left both me and this town and shifted to Mumbai. Juhi asks him in the event that they had a combat. Arjun says a huge drama befell while she confessed the entirety earlier than our households and the neighbours. She dint suppose once about the inter-caste differences and stated everything openly. My father changed into threatening to dedicate suicide then and there. She could not see that and wanted me to admit the entirety approximately us before my family. She become stubborn and ended the whole lot in an afternoon! She dint love me in any respect or she might have in no way left me!

Juhi and Naina are talking on telephone. Juhi tells Naina now not to worry. i can make Rakesh Uncle say sure for the marriage. She loudly begins talking approximately the bond shared between a father and a daughter. She loudly takes Naina’s name. I apprehend uncle’s nature. He is short tempered however he is a superb man. How can a man like him bypass his personal daughter’s wedding? Naina requests her in opposition to it. it might make Papa irritated. Juhi does no longer relent. She continues speakme loudly about Rakesh. Don’t cry Naina. She gives Rakesh’s swear and acts that this one worked. I understand that he loves you extra than you adore him. Naina signals her. Juhi says i know how critical it’s far for you that your Papa comes to your wedding. every woman desires of seeing her Papa bid her adieu to her new domestic. Rakesh recalls the poem he had read out loud for Naina within the school. Juhi says Rakesh uncle will actually come. Rakesh additionally thinks of his verbal duel with Vishakha. Juhi says he might be your Papa but he wont leave out the threat of obtaining the biggest virtue by using doing all your kanyadaan. Rakesh remembers the name that were given printed on the wedding card. Juhi assures Naina that Rakesh will truly come to the marriage. Don’t cry once more. Naina turns and reveals Tai ji looking at her.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Rinki asks Phula Bua if Naina will no longer return here. Bua denies. she will without delay go to her new domestic after the wedding. Naina and Bela get emotional. Sameer and his pals are adorning the residence with flora. Sameer says this residence is ours – Naina and mine. she will come here after three days!

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Main Cast is as under

Ashi Singh ( Naina Agarwal (Sameer’s fiancé)

Kristina Patel ( Swati(Naina’s best friend)

Randeep Rai ( Sameer Maheshwari (Naina’s fiancé)

Ayesha Kaduskar ( Preeti Agarwal (Naina’s Cousin)

Raghav Dhir ( Pandit (Sameer’s best friend)

Sanjay Choudhary ( Manoj aka Munna (Sameer’s best friend/cousin)

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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