Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YUDKBH 5 July episode begins with Sameer and Naina go out for shopping. Naina discloses to Sameer everybody is watching them. A vegetable vender stops Sameer and requests that he purchase vegetables from him. A guard comes and reveals to Sameer that he has charmed everybody and approaches him for a signature. Days pass. Sameer and Naina are at gem dealer. Naina likes a stud, yet she says no after she discovers it’s costly. Be that as it may, Sameer demands her to purchase. He’s shy of cash. Preeti’s significant other comes there and gives remaining cash. Naina says no, however Nirmala demands.

Later at home, Nirmala advises Sameer-Naina to set aside cash for future rather spending everything. In their field, it’s elusive work. Rakesh said he likewise contemplated it, yet it was their first pay, so he didn’t utter a word. Sameer and Naina state they will be cautious from now. Nirmala then encourages Sameer to get a new line of work.

Following day, Aditya comes to Sameer and advises him about an organizer throwing for another film and TV. Opposite side, Rakesh says he’ll need to do work also to procure some cash. He considers coaching kids. Naina is additionally taking a gander at meetings advertisements in paper. She doesn’t educate anything to Sameer or Rakesh regarding it.

Sameer seeks the tryout. Facilitator is a woman. She plays with him and says he can get job in the event that he completes an “additional exertion”. Sameer feels awkward and exits. Before he shares that to Aditya, he heads inside and encounters same thing as Sameer. He also turns out in a stun. Him and Sameer rapidly exit.

Naina wants a meeting for an author’s position. She figures out how to awe the questioner.

Aditya is as yet stunned and furious for not getting any work. Sameer lets him know not to surrender. Their opportunity will come as well.

Sameer returns home and reveals to Rakesh that gathering was great, they will call if there is any task. Sameer gets some information about Naina. She just comes in with work letter. Sameer sees and is astonished/shocked.

Precap: Naina lands reprimanded at her position. She cries.


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