Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vanita tells Sameer that the deal is nearly finalised. The formalities may be over in 2 days. preserve the money equipped. Registry will occur with the final price. you’ll be our permanent neighbour. Sameer assures her about the payment and thanks her. She leaves. Pundit calls Sameer. Sameer notices disappointment in his voice. Pundit shares that Mama ji incurred a large loss in enterprise. he’s neck deep in debt. He has long past to Mumbai with Poonam Bhabhi to satisfy a relative. Sameer thinks of meeting him once. I wouldn’t were right here if he hadn’t done all that. I can’t do incorrect simply due to the fact he did wrong with me. find out in which he is in Mumbai. Pundit tells him he has a large coronary heart. Sameer shares that he goes to come to be a Chacha. Pundit jumps in exhilaration. i’m able to come to Mumbai right away. He drops the plan considering Nirmala ji. Sameer reminds him to find out about Mama ji. They stop the call. Sameer thinks to tell Naina however she isn’t quite properly. He tells her to take care. It isn’t easy to become a mother. you need to take care of your self. Naina asks him to feed her along with his personal palms. He is of the same opinion. what’s going to the toddler assume seeing us like that? She doesn’t thoughts. i used to be, i am and i will continually be first for you irrespective of who is available in our lifestyles. He guarantees her and feeds her together with her his fingers. Tu Mile Dil Khile performs in the history. She asks him why he appears so unhappy. He tells her about Mama ji’s financial circumstance. I assume we need to carry him to our house. She asks him how he even notion that she can say no. You ought to have added him here with the aid of now. He can be glad. Our toddler additionally desires his blessings. Sameer says I recognize you haven’t any location for hatred in your coronary heart. this is the cause why i love you so much. She compliments him for the coolest in her. She finally ends up finding her episode’s ending while pronouncing a dialogue. He calls her mad.

Preeti orders grocery leaving Shubham taken aback. He begins hiccupping. Please think about economics. She tells him to hold his hiccups. I ought to order more. This time Nirmala ji tells her son to fasten his economics someplace. Don’t talk about it in front of me. She tells Preeti to order some thing she wishes. Preeti says I ordered everything. I just want to exit for some time now. She asks Shubham who says no however Nirmala ji tells him to take Preeti out as soon as a week. You must take taxi. Shubham offers in in opposition to his desire. Nirmala ji tells him to keep Preeti glad so her grandson is born beautiful and satisfied. it is his demands. Shubham wonders what the infant might be do when it’s far born. Preeti says your economics might be shaken. Shubham orders a bathtub of Preeti’s preferred ice cream.

Rakesh isn’t satisfied hearing that Naina has invited Sameer’s Mama ji. They ruined everything. Naina says it’s miles destiny. We got here here due to whatever occurred. Rakesh says you perhaps extremely good but i’m now not. Don’t inform them about the toddler or it’s going to have bad outcomes at the child. Naina tells him no longer to mention so. Doorbell jewelry. Rakesh opens the door. Mama ji’s taunts flash before his eyes in a 2d. Sameer takes his Mama ji and Poonam internal. Poonam and Naina trade pleasantries. Mama ji seems at Sameer’s house and his very own words echo in his head. Naina touches Mama ji’s ft however Rakesh asks her why she is bending down. Mama ji tells Rakesh he’s proper. We haven’t performed whatever right to bless all and sundry. Sameer denies. Naina is pregnant so Papa ji advised her now not to bend down. Mama ji and Poonam congratulate Sameer and Naina. Sameer repeats how Mama ji had selected a infant name (Ilaka) for his kid in the beyond. they all smile at the memory. Mama ji best had Rs. 103 in his pocket. He gives Rs. 11 to Naina as shagun. that is all that i will provide right now. Rakesh says it isn’t wanted. wherein are all the property today? Naina tells him to stop. We don’t need something. Rakesh says he used to carry the whole lot with him inside the beyond. How come he had most effective Rs. one hundred and one in his pocket today? We must appearance after our unique visitors. Shall I deliver Frootli?

Voiceover – Sameer:
Papa became super irritated on Mama ji that day at the day. I couldn’t comprehend the motive in the back of his anger that day however afterward I realised that dad and mom can forgive that their insult but now not of their youngsters.

Mama ji says we dint understand it or we might have added presents for certain. Sameer dismisses the idea. Naina scolds Sameer for making all people stand like that. The all sit down down. Poonam is satisfied to look her scold Sameer again. It is ideal although. all and sundry smiles.

Naina tells Mama ji she has made his favourite meal today. Mama ji is reminded of her Dal Bhati Choorma. She seems at his expressions. Don’t worry. I make top meals now. You wont be hurt. She serves food to them. Rakesh brings silver glasses for Mama ji and Poonam. He name callings them again. it is due to Naina and Sameer’s hard paintings. they’ve toiled so tough that they could manage to pay for to consume in silverware. Naina attempts to stop him however Rakesh says i used to be talking casually. The residence is smaller than Ahmedabad but that is how it is in Mumbai. you may think about it as your very own. we have paid token money too. The house might be theirs in some days. they have got gained a lot in 2 years in Mumbai. Mama ji says coronary heart need to be larger. nothing else subjects. Rakesh asks him about his work but Sameer diverts the subject to Mami ji and Devang. Poonam shares that they are desirable. We ask all people to observe their serial. Mama ji nods. it’s miles a outstanding hit serial again in Ahmedabad. Naina says I miss it a lot. We need to go returned however the paintings is too much to deal with. We cannot cross anywhere. Mama ji attempts taking their leave however Naina and Sameer inform them to live with them until the time they’re in Mumbai. Sameer and Naina live firm in their choice. Rakesh is the only one with a directly face.

Precap: Naina shouts that she is in pain. seems like it’s time for transport. Sameer wakes up with a start. it’s far due in 2 weeks. She shouts at him. Do something. He nods.


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