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YUDKBH 6 Aug episode begins with Naina and Preeti bring Rakesh first floor. He inquires as to whether they brought his bike from Ahmedabad. Naina guides him to sit tight for quite a while. You will discover. Sameer arrives in a vehicle and gives the keys to Rakesh. This is your birthday present. Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman plays. Rakesh is overpowered. He embraces his children individually. Arjun constantly used to state that he will get me a vehicle. My girl and SIL did what my child couldn’t do. Sameer shares that this vehicle is second hand however it is in your name. We will likewise drive it now and then. Rakesh gestures. Preeti requests a ride. The children plunk down first to prod him yet then Rakesh hands the way to Rakesh and sits with Naina and Preeti on the posterior.

Rakesh advises Naina to take a gander at the photographs of saint and champions toward the beginning of the day. Sameer brings notices of researchers and extraordinary individuals. Rakesh and Sameer contend charmingly over how the infant would be. Naina lets them know not to battle. Put both the blurbs and let the infant choose what the infant needs to be. Rakesh and Sameer again quibble over the sort of pram they will bring for the child. Naina again guides them to bring both the prams. Sameer inquires as to whether they are having twins. She denies. Rakesh and Sameer keep contending sweetly over a pram with lights or a wooden pram. Naina at long last declares her choice – I need harmony. Rakesh advises her to name the infant Shanti if it’s a young lady. She shushes them two. I have been attempting to compose and rest however you both are talking relentless. Sameer takes Rakesh outside and reveals to him that his sort of pram is the best. Rakesh lets him know not to show him anything. Preeti gets some information about Naina. He gets some information about her decision of pram. In flurry, she answers that they ought to bring both the prams. It wont go in waste.

Preeti embraces Naina. I can barely handle it. the facts confirm that your desire gets satisfied when you wish it from your heart. Naina stresses if her falsehood got captured. Preeti denies. I am really going to be a mother. Naina is excited. Preeti discloses to her that while acting pregnant she really wound up getting to be pregnant.

Voiceover – Sameer:
You probably heard it from the seniors that the contemplations you think upon or talk upon work out as expected. Preeti had thought something comparable. Her reason turned out to be valid. God satisfied her desire as she was our Hanuman all things considered.

Preeti and Naina talk about child names in the gallery. They can limit substantially more on infant young lady names and can’t think about any kid names. Preeti chooses to advise Shubham to carry a book with child names. Naina dreams of being exacting with her child now and again and being determined at others. They keep talking. Nirmala ji takes a gander at them from her overhang. I am certain they should be tattling about me while I am battling here in kitchen. I can do this much for my grandson. Preeti can’t remain at home for even a second and she appears to be so upbeat there at her sister’s place. They at last notice Nirmala ji. Preeti waves at her. Naina remains there with a straight face. Preeti deliberately embraces Naina. Mummy ji must be all red. She would have a craving for tossing her moving stone at me. Nirmala ji echoes her musings to herself. Naina needs to placate Nirmala ji first. Preeti gestures. I need to initially make the most of my opportunity. It is a result of this child. Everybody will work at home and I can at long last rest a bit. They proceed with their discussion (in quiet). Murmur Dono Hain Alag plays out of sight.

Voiceover – Sameer:
It was consistently Preeti and Naina for me who flew in my mind at whatever point I knew about that tune. They were consistently looking for trouble.

Naina and Preeti choose to eat Panipuri. They discover Sameer and Rakesh accompanying Panipuri and Imli. Naina enlightens them regarding Preeti’s pregnancy. They praise her. Sameer comments that their planning is stunning since youth. Rakesh is sure Anand and Bela must be excited. She gestures. They all plunk down. Rakesh discloses to Preeti he will bring God’s photograph for her room. Your MIL wont like whatever else. Preeti shares that Shubham has done it as of now. The Panipuri gathering begins.

Voiceover – Sameer:
God takes from one hand and gives from another. We experienced something comparative. We left the entirety of our friends and family behind and moved to another spot yet we discovered everything in Mumbai. Preeti, Papa ji, Naina and I were remaining like a group in Mumbai. Presently new individuals were going to join our group.

Rakesh and Sameer converse with Vanita about purchasing a house in this general public itself. Vanita proposes them to purchase the level in which they are as of now remaining. The proprietor needs to sell it. They are satisfied and settle the sum off papers. Sameer expresses gratitude toward Vanita.

Sameer does not let Naina curve down or do any family unit work. Sameer discloses to Naina that he will purchase this house for their child. She is excited at the idea of having their very own home. Is it true that you are not kidding? He gestures. Vanita ji is helping me with the house bargain. She lays her head on his shoulder energetically as she expresses gratitude toward him. He says we left everything in Ahmedabad however now we will have our own home in a city like Mumbai. It is a major thing, isn’t that so? She gestures and begins discussing her arrangements for the house.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Everybody says that you have turned out to be effective on the off chance that you have purchased a house in Mumbai. In those days we could feel that we were getting whatever we had wanted. It was simpler to repurchase a house in Mumbai at that point. Individuals can black out hearing the property costs in Mumbai today.

Precap: Sameer’s Mama and Poonam go to Sameer’s home. Naina contacts their feet however Rakesh asks her for what good reason she is bowing down.


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