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Sameer paces in his room worriedly. He appears at the cheque. Rakesh tells him that demanding wont resolve whatever. I recognize what you are questioning. I spoke to Anand who has instructed me about your Mama ji’s commercial enterprise. Sameer says I need to assist them however i am in a dilemma. Rakesh suggests him to reflect onconsideration on him, NAina and their infant once before taking any step. You wont be able to shop for this residence then. Do you want Naina’s dream to interrupt again?

Poonam sets Naina’s mattress for her. Naina asks her about her son. Poonam shares that he could be very naughty. We need to chase him all the time as he is developing. You too will go through the equal thing quickly. Naina smiles. Sameer and Papa have been looking ahead to that day due to the fact so long. Poonam gives her plenty of advises to take care of herself all through her being pregnant. it’s far higher to have an elder around on this circumstance. Naina says Chacha ji would were on my own so Chachi ji couldn’t come and Mummy needed to visit US. Mama ji joins them. Naina tells him to carry Mami with him subsequent time. He holds his face all of sudden. i am now not used to guffawing tons in recent times. It became a surprising change. Poonam seconds him. You even said Hai Nahi, Hai Nahi after see you later. Naina says we can communicate the entire night and talk. Mama ji luckily has the same opinion. Naina propose gambling dumb charades as well. Mama ji told me that you can bring lot many stuff with your eyes. Mama ji rues that he said an excessive amount of to them. Naina tells him to awareness on satisfied moments.

Rakesh reminds Sameer of the way his Mama ji had behaved with him inside the beyond. Sameer says Nanu has always taught me that family members are above cash. Rakesh reminds him that he has some relation with Naina and their infant too. Sameer hides the cheque e-book seeing Naina. She asks him if this could conceal his hassle too. i am with you in case you need to support Mama ji. Sameer tries to push aside it however Naina says I know what you have got been wondering. Sameer admits that he forgot that his shadow can’t depart him. He tells Rakesh that he may not understand them but we have to help Mama ji. Rakesh comments that there’s most effective one Sameer and Naina inside the international. no person can apprehend you. i’m pleased with to have each of you in my life. He hugs them.

subsequent morning, Mama ji greets Rakesh with folded hands. Forgive us if possible. life comes full circle. identical component happened with me but God added us full circle. Rakesh tells him to let bygones be bygones. The kids gave me a new life too. Naina and Sameer come there. Sameer offers him a cheque of 12 lacs. Mama ji civilly refuses however they convince him to just accept it. Sameer points out that the factory turned into installed by Nanu. We can’t let it close down. Mama ji rues that he harm his grandson, his Nanu’s beloved son. maybe Kaku Sa is attempting to provide me any other hazard via you. This time the manufacturing unit will run as i’ve your love on my facet. i am very proud of each of you. He hugs Naina and Sameer. i used to be proved incorrect today. real relations usually win. Naina offers him a gift for Mami ji.

Voiceover – Sameer:
The manner Naina and i had been raised become very exclusive. We were raised very otherwise. We had been taught one same issue – relations make one richer. cash comes later.

Naina is cleansing the bed while she finds a observe there. Sameer and Naina had been offered partnership in enterprise with the aid of Mama ji as per the word.

Vanita apologzies to Sameer. I attempted to pacify the owner however no person returns the token cash as soon as the deal is known as off. Rakesh calls him a thief however Sameer reasons that they had been those who cancelled the deal. We couldn’t do some thing in that scenario. Request the owner to invite us as soon as before promoting the residence. We desire to buy it. Vanita assures him about it.

Voiceover – Sameer:
all people is aware of about the sky rocketing fees in Mumbai. every person who stays here knows that it’s far no less than staying at Mount Everest if you want to stay in Mumbai! that’s what we had been aiming for.

Sameer tells Naina that 2 new suggests are coming. We are also getting huge advance amount. Naina says i used to be positive we are able to discover a way when you helped Mama ji. Papa became getting upset for no purpose. Sameer says his difficulty is justified. we will have our personal house. He says the cash is enough yet. She says it will come round. We should work double now. He corrects her. We should paintings thrice as hard. You wont take any anxiety. She replies that she never takes any anxiety. i’ve a way to address it. simply hug me few times within the day and that i may be sorted. He hugs her sweetly.

Sameer asks Rakesh if he additionally were given a settlement. Why are you smiling? Rakesh suggests him the settlement papers in their new house. They observe the document in high-quality marvel. Rakesh says I took a loan. You just must move there for formality. Naina and Sameer hug him. Rakesh places a brand new nameplate – Naina Sameer Ka Ghar. Preeti, Shubham and Gadkari family are gift for the duration of grahpravesh and puja. Preeti swivels Naina around. Shubham and Sameer advice them towards it.

there has been most effective one character on this existence with whom I wanted to stay – Naina! We have been together and our own family became increasing. Love and advantages had been coming from Ahmedabad as nicely. Now Mama ji and Mami ji were also on our facet.

Voiceover – Sameer:
again in the ones days, time become flying for us. The pleasure of becoming parents is something that I still recall. Naina and that i ought to keep in mind all our childhood tales / antics. We used to plot how to play, pick out and lift the toddler.

Days pass by using. Naina holds her toddler bump. Sameer maintains his quit it as he hugs her from behind. they’re sleeping peacefully one night time whilst Naina wakes up due to cramps. She shouts that she is in ache. seems like it is time for delivery. Sameer wakes up with a start. it is due in 2 weeks. She shouts at him. Will the baby look at calendar and come? Do some thing. wake up Papa. He nods.

Precap: Naina and Sameer draw a painting with a rainbow and a house.


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