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Naina is considering. Sameer brings tea for her and lays her feet on the little couch. He additionally keeps high temp water bottle around her stomach and kisses her on her cheeks.

Voiceover – Naina:

The 4 days that I feared back in my home appeared to be a gift here. Sameer gave me such a great amount of affection in those 4 days which I couldn’t clarify! Wish those would days never end however then my periods and our tests got over at last. The most recent day of the year likewise came – December 31, 1994.

The kitchen is flooding with messy utensils. Sameer and Naina are concentrating energetically. He endeavors to sentiment with her however she makes him center around studies. The house is wrecked. Everybody has assembled at Naina’s place. They talk enthusiastically about the festivals after tests. Naina discovers Preeti lost.

Preeti starts to state something however Naina guarantees her she will pass. Kamya leaves to pitch her book to scrap vendor. Sameer advises her to take his books as well. Naina prods him that he may require them again after tests. Landline rings. It is Mama ji. He shares that Mami ji has left for Lucknow. Indeed, even I am going. She helps him to remember their supper plan tomorrow evening. Mother ji recommends coming over this evening itself. Naina says it boisterous. He inquires as to whether there is some issue. She denies. He discloses to her that they will come today around evening time itself at that point. Naina stresses how everything will be prepared in 2 hours. Preeti guarantees her they will support her. Naina sends Sameer to bring snacks.

Voiceover – Naina:

I used to begin concentrating in summers for the tests due in winter. How might I orchestrate everything so rapidly? You will discover soon.

Naina, Preeti and Kamya begin cleaning the house. They truly stock up the garments and a bowl of sustenance similarly as it is kept on the bed. They likewise clean the kitchen together. They stock up the utensils outside and locate an entire heap of utensils lying outside as of now. Naina covers them with a fabric. We have numerous utensils. Kanji will come in 2 days. We will oversee till at that point. Sameer disclosed to me that my hands aren’t intended to clean utensils. They grin. Kamya leaves. Preeti and Naina return inside. Naina chooses the menu. She advises Preeti to set the ceramics on table. Preeti jumps on her errand. Preeti drops a glass while keeping them on the table.

Bela serves water to Anand as he returns home He gets some information about Preeti and is informed that she is at Naina’s place. He sees her swollen eyes. Did anybody say anything? Tai ji says you know everything yet you are asking this once more. Tau ji says you played a savvy move. You realized you can’t win me rationally so you played this move. You overlooked that I am a legal advisor and see such things consistently in court. He restores Bela’s gems to Anand. Bela cries that they said mean things to us before everybody. Tau ji and Tai ji continue provoking them for getting them offended before everybody. Overlay hands and apologize in the event that you can’t pay us. I will believe it to be some gift. Try not to stoop so low! Anand instructs him to stop. I haven’t done it and I can’t do it ever. I guarantee I will return you the cash on due date. Tai ji inquires as to whether he falls flat. Anand answers that he will request that jewelry from Naina himself at that point.

Preeti says sorry to learn who discloses to her it wasn’t purposeful. Try not to say as much. It is 6:30 PM. She advises Preeti to return home. I will tidy up. They share an embrace. Naina picks the glass pieces.

Bela inquires as to whether he will ask Naina to restore that neckband. He won’t. I needed to express that to quieten my sibling or he would have proceeded with his show. She ponders what Bhaisahab will do when he wont get cash. Anand answers that he will get the cash as guaranteed. Sameer calls them. He sees Anand somewhat strained yet Anand does not utter a word. Sameer welcomes them over on supper. Bela signals Anand to state no however Sameer will not hear anything. It will be a decent shock for Naina. Anand gives in.

Naina and Anand welcome Sameer’s family. Naina says it would have been exceptional if Mami ji was additionally here. Mother ji answers that they will come back once more. Naina is wonderfully shocked to see Anand and Bela. Sameer asks Mrs. Maheshwari in the event that she enjoyed the shock. Naina embraces her relatives. Mother ji looks somewhat miserable yet does not demonstrate it. He gets some information about them. Sameer shares that it is season of uniformity. Both the families should visit together. Everybody sits down. Sameer inquires as to whether she is disturbed. She shakes her head. I simply trust I don’t commit any error before Chacha ji and Chachi ji. He guarantees her he wont request anything before Chacha ji and Chachi ji. She goes to bring lemon juice for everybody.

Anand advises Bela to grin for the wellbeing of everyone. Mother ji compliments Sameer that naina has kept the house clean. Sameer grins. I had advised her on Day 1 to do as such. We appreciate together yet in addition keep everything decent and clean. Our companions are coming over around 10-10:30 and we will watch the match together. Mom ji snidely discloses to him that they are free winged creature. Nobody will stop you. He sees diverse sort of glasses in everybody’s grasp. He inquires as to whether he is some uncommon or not really invite sort of visitor in her home as of late. Everybody got lemon squeeze in a similar glass. For what reason did I get an alternate one? Naina shares that one glass broke. Sameer discloses to her she could have utilized the new set. Bela offers her glass to Mama ji. All is well at our home. He discloses to her it doesn’t work in their home. It maddens Sameer. He inquires as to whether he recollects how their servant once broke the plate unintentionally. He advises the occurrence to Naina’s family. 5 plates were same yet 1 was unique. He made a furor once Prabha returned. The servant of the house should know the standard of the house yet your better half should not!

Voiceover – Sameer:

I was scowling at Naina for one glass that day. I was a trick to be so irate with her that day!

Naina remains there in dread holding her glass firmly. Sameer looks irately toward her.

Precap: Family individuals venture outside and locate the grimy utensils there. Sameer and Naina contend on the stairs.


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