Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YUDKBH 8 Aug episode begins with Rakesh helps Sameer to remember how his Mama ji had carried on with him previously. Sameer says Nanu has consistently instructed me that relations are above cash. Rakesh advises him that he has some connection with Naina and their infant as well. Sameer shrouds the check book seeing Naina. She inquires as to whether this will conceal his concern as well. I am with you on the off chance that you need to help Mama ji. Sameer attempts to expel it however Naina says I realize what you have been thinking. Sameer concedes that he overlooked that his shadow can’t leave him. He discloses to Rakesh that he may not get them but rather we should help Mama ji. Rakesh comments that there is only one Sameer and Naina on the planet. Nobody can get you. I am glad for to have both of you in my life. He embraces them.

Mother ji welcomes Rakesh with collapsed hands. Excuse us if conceivable. Life completes the cycle. Same thing occurred with me however God brought us full circle. Rakesh instructs him to forget about the past. The children gave me another life as well. Naina and Sameer come there. Sameer gives him a check of 12 lacs. Mother ji courteously can’t however they persuade him to acknowledge it. Sameer calls attention to that the industrial facility was built up by Nanu. We can’t give it a chance to shut down. Mother ji laments that he hurt his grandson, his Nanu’s dearest child. Possibly Kaku Sa is attempting to give me another shot through you. This time the processing plant will keep running as I have your adoration on my side. I am pleased with both of you. He embraces Naina and Sameer. I was refuted today. Genuine relations consistently win. Naina gives him a present for Mami ji.

Voiceover – Sameer:
The way Naina and I were raised was altogether different. We were raised all around in an unexpected way. We were shown one same thing – relations make one more extravagant. Cash comes later.

Naina is cleaning the bed when she finds a note there. Sameer and Naina have been offered organization in business by Mama ji according to the note.

Vanita apologzies to Sameer. I attempted to assuage the proprietor yet nobody restores the token cash once the arrangement is canceled. Rakesh considers him a criminal yet Sameer reasons that they were the ones who dropped the arrangement. We couldn’t do anything in that circumstance. Solicitation the proprietor to ask us once before selling the house. We wish to get it. Vanita guarantees him about it.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Everybody thinks about the soaring costs in Mumbai. Any individual who remains here realizes that it is no not exactly remaining at Mount Everest in the event that you wish to remain in Mumbai! That is the thing that we were going for.

Sameer discloses to Naina that 2 new shows are coming. We are likewise getting enormous development sum. Naina says I was certain we will discover a path after you helped Mama ji. Dad was getting vexed for reasons unknown. Sameer says his worry is supported. We will have our own home. He says the cash is sufficient yet. She says it will come around. We need to work twofold at this point. He adjusts her. We need to work thrice as hard. You wont take any pressure. She answers that she never takes any strain. I have an approach to manage it. Simply embrace me multiple times in the day and I will be arranged. He embraces her sweetly.

Sameer inquires as to whether he likewise got an agreement. For what reason would you say you are grinning? Rakesh demonstrates to him the agreement papers of their new house. They take a gander at the record in lovely shock. Rakesh says I took an advance. You simply need to go there for custom. Naina and Sameer embrace him. Rakesh puts another nameplate – Naina Sameer Ka Ghar. Preeti, Shubham and Gadkari family are available during grahpravesh and puja. Preeti swivels Naina around. Shubham and Sameer guidance them against it.

There was just a single individual in this existence with whom I needed to live – Naina! We were as one and our family was expanding. Love and endowments were originating from Ahmedabad too. Presently Mama ji and Mami ji were likewise on our side.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Back then, time was flying for us. The energy of getting to be guardians is something that despite everything I recall. Naina and I could review all our youth stories/tricks. We used to arrange for how to play, pick and raise the child.

Days cruise by. Naina holds her child knock. Sameer keeps his hand over it as he embraces her from behind. They are resting gently one night when Naina awakens in light of spasms. She yells that she is in torment. Appears as though it is the ideal opportunity for conveyance. Sameer awakens with a begin. It is expected in about fourteen days. She yells at him. Will the infant take a gander at schedule and come? Accomplish something. Wake up Papa. He gestures.

Precap: Naina and Sameer draw a work of art with a rainbow and a house.


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