Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YUDKBJ 8 Jul episode begins with Sameer asks Naina she will stop her investigations? She says she will do both. It will be troublesome, however when she returns home in night and sees his grinning face, all her tiredness will leave. Sameer says it’s festival time! They eat cake. Female storyteller says, around then, a few guardians were extremely strong while some were exceptionally limiting nature. She was fortunate to have guardians like chacha-chachi and Rakesh who upheld her in her choices.

Next morning, Naina is preparing. Sameer is preparing her lunch box. Rakesh reveals to Naina that he will make his tea himself, she can get down to business. Sameer and Naina get amazed. Sameer wishes Naina best and offers her yogurt/sugar. Rakesh sees and dismisses his face. Naina stops him and requests that he feed her alongside Sameer. Sameer then advises Naina to be cautious and offers his ongoing occurrence. Naina pulls his leg saying she wouldn’t have disapproved. He quits fooling around. She says she was simply clowning, she realizes he would not do anything incorrectly.

Naina contacts her work place. Female storyteller says first day at work is exceptionally uncommon and she recalls each little insight concerning her first day. She is sitting and holding on to get some work. All of a sudden her manager comes and chastens her for not putting content around his work area. She says it’s her first day. He asks what she composed since morning. She says nothing. He says they didn’t procure her for sitting inactive. She says assistant disclosed to her that somebody will come and show her work. He says nobody instructs there, they need to deal with their own. He addresses her more. She begins crying. Her manager assaults all the more saying he can’t chide her? He requests that her leave that tears home and demonstrate to him some expert frame of mind next time. She gestures.

Sameer is holding up outside their structure. When Naina comes, he discloses to her they are setting off to a café to praise her first day. Naina reproved of her manager and is tranquil. He asks what was the deal? He brings her home and discloses to Rakesh that she won’t get down to business from tomorrow. He can’t see anybody carrying on like that with her. Rakesh says on the off chance that you need to progress toward becoming something, at that point you need to hear smidgen. In end, he’s her Guru. He gives case of him chastening them in school, however it was for their great. They additionally took in a ton from him. Sameer says they didn’t generally gain much from him and they all were troubled by him. He uncovers a few occurrences that Rakesh didn’t know about like deliberately not giving him a chance to come to transport with the goal that he doesn’t ruin their trek. They have interesting minute.

Adiya is getting chastened by his dad. Sameer and family go to check. Aditya’s dad tosses him out of the house. Sameer asks what occurred. Aditya’s dad says him to be peaceful, simply because of his untruth, Aditya figured out how to deceive him. Aditya says he can’t stop acting. His dad guides him to leave them at that point. He can rest on trail. He shuts his entryway. Sameer reveals to Aditya he can remain in his home.Sameer, Naina, Rakesh attempt to perk up Adtiya and tell there is no reason to worry.

Precap: Sameer endowments hoops to Naina. They embrace.


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