Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Rakesh brings circuit repairman. He begins fixing the circuit.

Naina is shouting in agony in the lift.

Light returns. The women venture out of the lift. Sameer inquires as to whether she is fine. Sejal is stunned to see Naina in this way. What was the deal? Gopal advises her. Rakesh requests that they come yet Gauri reasons that it is past the point where it is possible to go to medical clinic. We will do the conveyance at home. Call specialist home. Everybody frenzies hearing it. They take Naina inside. She is shouting uproariously. Nirmala ji is worried about Preeti. Shubham causes her to sit on the couch. They hold up outside restlessly as Gauri, Sejal and Vanita take Naina inside. Doc is likewise taken inside the room the minute she enters. Sameer is seen supplicating in a corner. Rakesh goes along with him. He taps at Sameer’s shoulder reassuringly.

Doc reports the birth of an infant young lady. Naina grins. Vanita asks for what reason the child isn’t crying. They hold up anxiously. The child at long last cries. Everybody grins in alleviation. Sameer’s eyes are red. Gauri takes the child in her arms.

Voiceover – Sameer:

We had seen a great deal numerous individuals cry in this house. We used to be vexed seeing that before. Individuals would question our psychological parity on the off chance that we giggled. We grinned hearing that cry that day. It resembled a legend made a section and the group of spectators applauded!

Sameer heads inside. He sits beside Naina and kisses her on her temple. I am heartbroken. If it’s not too much trouble pardon me. I let you go alone. She compliments him. We got a blessed messenger. He salutes her too. Gauri, Sejal and Vanita grin. Sameer leans his head against her. He at last holds his child in his arms. Naina gets passionate too. Sameer converses with his girl. You are Papa’s Gudiya. Take a gander at us with your little eyes consistently. Try not to falter from anything you desire. I guarantee you that your youth wont resemble mine! Naina takes a gander at him. Rakesh takes a gander at them.

Naina and infant’s grahpravesh is going on. Everybody has brought toys for her. They play with the infant and all the while deal with Preeti too. Naina and Sameer overlay their hands in veneration in their home sanctuary.

Voiceover – Sameer:

We appeal to God for everything for ourselves till the time we become guardians. When that occurs, we change totally. Our supplications change also. It is valid. You see a few feelings just when you become guardians.

Everybody takes a gander at Naina and Sameer as they supplicate. Rakesh holds the child yet Sameer contends that the ball was in his court. Indeed, even medical attendant dint let me hold her. Preeti says she wont go to either Naina or Papa, she will be with Massi. Rakesh and Sameer keep contending. Rakesh advises him that he has given him his girl to take care of. Satisfy that obligation. Go

Voiceover – Sameer:

Our life was rotating around the child. We were prepared to do anything for her.

Sameer inquisitively gets some information about the infant and its tricks. They attempt to shut in for a kiss twice however the child taps her hands at their. Sameer jokes that she has just begun dividing them. Naina grins. They rests. Sameer says thanks to Naina for giving him the greatest joy of his life. He holds her hand.

Nirmala ji sits by Preeti. Naina brought forth an infant young lady and your mom has two girls. I surmise your family is bound to bring forth young ladies as it were. It is alright if a young lady is a subsequent child. Preeti says imagine a scenario in which the infant kid takes after Shubham. He also will talk about financial matters. I get it is better if it’s a young lady. Nirmala ji goes calm.

Sameer is taking class from his mummy on telephone regarding how to make the child wear a nappy. Naina grins. Sameer calls it convoluted. Rakesh demonstrates to him how it is finished. Sameer attempts straightaway. Rakesh prods him. Practice it well. It isn’t too simple to even think about becoming Papa.

Nirmala ji, Preeti and Shubham go to the general public. Shubham is grasping his child. Nirmala ji declares the uplifting news uproariously for everybody. I got favored with a grandson! She circulates desserts to everybody. Sejal and Vanita praise them.

Naina is conversing with somebody on telephone. Call me once you begin. Sameer or Papa will come to pick you from station. Nirmala ji imparts the uplifting news to them too. Preeti brought forth a child. Presently the heredity can be conveyed forward. Rakesh gestures. It will happen as a result of a young lady (Preeti). Naina is my little girl and my confidence. Nirmala ji says it is great that you all are content with what you have however I can’t contain my bliss. It is twofold than yours as I have a grandson now! I will praise it with pageantry and show. You will see. She leaves. Rakesh, Naina and Sameer snicker when she leaves.

Voiceover – Sameer:

Young lady and kid were ordered all around distinctively in those days. They used to be given various inclinations. The contemplations have changed today attributable to individuals like Papa ji. Individuals like him acclaim them as well as urge them to develop throughout everyday life.

Naina, Sameer and Rakesh banter on the infant’s name. Naina advises them that they should meet Preeti’s infant first. Sameer gestures. I am additionally eager to meet him. They go to Preeti’s home.

Vishakha, Bela and Anand have come over. They are confounded with respect to which dress should the child wear first. Rakesh offers to do it.

Precap: A gathering has been composed to commend the introduction of both the children. Bela and Vishakha are singing cheerfully.


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