Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YUDKBH 9 Aug episode begins with Sameer reveals to Naina that two little hands will be in their grasp very soon. Naina says we will progress toward becoming mummy daddy very soon. He gestures. I have chosen I wont leave from the infant notwithstanding for a second. She reveals to him she wont give that a chance to happen regardless of whether he attempts. He says we will love the infant without question. I have heard that adoration riches kids. She gestures. We will resemble Chacha ji and Chachi ji. He says I will

She gets some information about investigations. I need the child to think about a great deal. Sameer needs to leave the choice on the infant. She joyfully concurs. We will give the child a chance to pick its very own course. Sameer says life is so wonderful. We met in school just because and today we will move toward becoming guardians.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Individuals nowadays dread duty and marriage a much. At the point when that occurs, they dread parenthood. Such feelings of trepidation did not exist in those days. You dint dread to wed the one you cherish and parenthood was delight. Naina and I knew this. We needed to be as one at each progression of life. There was no dread.

Next morning, Shubham is figuring the house spending plan. He whines of the costly dry organic products that are coming over. Preeti and Nirmala reason that the child needs it. Preeti requests that her MIL include increasingly dry natural products in the halwa next time. Nirmala ji readily concurs. It is the ideal opportunity for your kesar milk. She advises Shubham to concentrate on Preeti and the child. You wouldn’t have been this sound if your father had thought to such an extent. Put oil on Preeti’s head. She reveals to him that he needs it more. Shubham advises the child to recall the measure of cash he is spending on him. It indicates how much your Papa cherishes you. Preeti grins.

Both Sameer and Shubham readily satisfy every one of the yearnings of their spouses. Naina begins feeling spasms once more. Sameer says there is no reason to worry after the burp. You simply had nourishment. She demands that this torment is excessively. I am going. Vanita asks her where she is set for. Naina whines of torment. Vanita advises Sameer and Rakesh to quit staring at the TV. Naina is in the process of giving birth. Sameer consents to pack her stuff. Rakesh goes down the stairs to get the vehicle. Vanita advises Naina to take full breaths. Vanita likewise illuminates Gauri. Sameer inquires as to whether she is fine. How about we go. Naina says I will take lift. Sameer advises the women to bring Naina and heads down the stairs to keep the sacks. There is a short out and the light goes off.

Sameer keeps the packs in the vehicle. He reveals to Rakesh that Naina is coming in the lift. Rakesh reasons that they ought to have dropped at this point. They go to keep an eye on the women.

Naina is shouting because of torment. Rakesh and Sameer understand that the lift isn’t working. They run upstairs. Vanita and Gauri get out for assistance. Sameer and Rakesh discover them stuck in the lift. Gopal additionally turns out hearing the bustle. He takes a gander at Naina’s condition. Sameer demands him to accomplish something. Gopal shouts to somebody. Circuit repairman isn’t picking telephone. Naina yells in torment. Rakesh runs down the stairs to look for assistance. Sameer and Gopal continue advising Naina to remain solid. Vanita advises Sameer not to stress. Naina and the infant will be fine. Accomplish something.

Rakesh goes to the shop yet the circuit repairman is away. He wont return before half and hour.

Shubham, Preeti and Nirmala ji additionally go to the lift region.

Rakesh calls Gopal and addresses Sameer. Sameer says we can’t sit tight for thirty minutes. We need to get Naina outside asap. Rakesh instructs him to deal with Naina. I will discover another circuit repairman. Sameer reprimands himself for Naina’s condition. Gopal and Vanita let him know not to accuse himself. Nirmala ji asks Preeti to return home. You may get stressed seeing this. Preeti will not leave her sister’s side. Sameer appeals to God for Naina and their child’s prosperity.

Precap: Naina figures out how to venture out of the lift. Gauri reasons that it is past the point where it is possible to go to clinic. We will do the conveyance at home. Everybody frenzies hearing it.


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