Yes Bank LIVE: Long lines outside Mumbai bank branch, P Chidambaram raised questions on the government

Yes bank account holders are facing a lot of problems before Holi. Actually, the Reserve Bank of India has set a limit to withdraw money from Yes Bank. After this decision of the Reserve Bank, people have installed long lines outside the ATM. Things have become such that now the cash in ATMs is running out.

Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram said it reflected complete regulatory failure. I wonder if this is the end or will there be more people in line. The government remains absolutely silent. Let us see what depositors of Yes Bank do, I think they are worried like the depositors of PMC Bank. Let’s see what is revealed now

RBI Governor Shaktikanth said that the 30 days we have given is the outer limit, you will see very fast action from RBI to make a plan to revive Yes Bank.

People have been standing outside the ATM since Friday morning. Bank customers have also faced problems because of the inconvenience of doing transactions through the Internet banking system.

In the morning, a long line of people started outside the Fort and Parel Branch ATMs of Yes Bank, Mumbai. Similar situation was seen in other places also. Due to the festival of Hali, people have become very upset with this decision of the bank.

As soon as ATMs were closed in South Mumbai’s Hoorniman Circle on Thursday night. While some people rushed to withdraw cash from the ATM in the residential area of ​​suburban Chembur, there was a long queue.

According to reports, sources in the finance ministry said that SBI is ready to bail out Yes Bank. It was only then that the RBI and the government decided to take Yes Bank.

For details, let us know that Yes Bank will be headed by Prashant Kumar appointed by RBI next month. Prashant has been the former Chief Finance Officer of SBI.


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