Yokohama meteor
The destructive power of the tongue – (C) TBS

Yokohama meteor actor Yokohama meteor shouted “tongue pelo” who called “elegantly” in the first episode of the drama “Tales to read on the day when I first fell in love” (TBS series) on the fifth episode of the 12th broadcast To show off.

This work draws a love pattern by Junko Harumi and three men, who are super insensitive Alasar girls who are fighting both love and work, based on the same name comic of Akitoshi Mochida. Kyoko Fukada, preparatory school teacher and Junko, cousin Yukumasa Masashi who cares for Junko since junior high school age Yuuto Nagayama, Junko’s student · Yuri Shohei to Yokohama, Junko and Kohei classmate · Mr. Yamashita Kazuya plays.

When Tadashira’s “Tongue Pero” scene is shown in the first episode, it is a big topic. About SNOW who put out a tongue towards Junko, people who saw the drama commented that “Tongue Pelo is stubborn” and “Fell in love” one after another to SNS. In the fifth episode, it is said that you can see “Tongue Pero” again like that.

In the same story, Shohei who raised academic ability to see by spontaneity and concentrating ability after having started studying for the University of Tokyo graduation will be subject to the simulation test for the first time. Before the test, Kohei is given chocolate written as “Pelori chocolate” on a wrapper paper for sugar replenishment from Junko. This is a drama original accessory which the art staff of this work thought was born from the echo of “Tongo Pero” of Kohei. It is a place to wonder in what scenes the scene of “Tongue Pero” of Kunaira appears in the play.

Drama “The story to read on the day when I first fell in love” The fifth episode is broadcast from TBS system on Wednesday night at 22 o’clock


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