"YOU - You are All - New Cast"!
Victoria · Pedretti – Lalo Yasky / Getty Images for NETFLIX

Victoria Pedretti who played Nell in “The Hornting of Hill House” in the second season of the psycho-thriller drama “YOU – Kimi to All -” starring Penn · Badgey such as the US TV drama “Gossip Girl” Has been cast, The Wrap etc reported.

What she plays is a chef’s egg love quin who is responsible for the fruit sales department of the luxury supermarket. It is a woman who is indifferent to SNS, self-promotion, own branding, etc. and is looking at walking an interesting life. When she encounters Joe · Goldberg (pen), she has a deep sorrow, she seems to feel like a person who has tasted a sense of loss to change his life like herself. In the first season, Joe, who repeatedly stalking actively using SNS, is concerned about how to approach SNS love love.

Besides, Amber Childders as Candice who was supposed to have died in Joe’s former Kano was promoted to regular from the new season. Also, Jenna Ortega who played Jane of the young at “Jane the Virgin” and James Scully who has a guest history in “Quantico” will enter the cast.

James plays Forty, a self-confident, conscientious, privileged conscious Love brother. He is a charming friend when he is in good condition, but he seems to be a rather tight bully when he is bad. There is a high possibility that it will be used for Joe because it does not require much effort to scoop him from the feet that is addicted, leaning all over to Love to recover.

Jenna plays Erie is a teen cheating adults for money and Joe is one of the victims.

It is reported that the second season is 10 episodes, and the distribution at Netflix will be fall or winter.


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