Yuuto Sano
Yuuto Sano said that he loves Hongo Kozo as his brother

Actor Yuuto Sano and Hongo Kota attended the movie ” Rin ” at the Aqua City Odaiba on the 25th, and greeted the audience with a light talk with a light talk. Directed by Kenta Suka and Katsuhiko Ikeda for the stage of greetings .

Also this work that Yoshiichi Yoshiki made a playwright drawn down for the stage before the Akutagawa prize winning work “Spark” was written, into a movie. Five male high school students are mystery works challenging the mystery of the spirited legend that “children disappear from village once every 100 years.” Sano plays a simple high school student Kota Noda involved in the incident, Hongo plays a mysterious high school student Yoshio Tendo who has been transferred from Tokyo.

When I go to the stage, Hongo touches the name he played, “It is different from Yoshimi Tendo san, is not it, why did you name” Toshio, why did you say “Yoshio”? “And show off a simple question. In the greeting of the 23rd, she attended the original and screenwriting supervisor, Kichi, but Hongo was absent due to work. I was surprised that Sano and others who met Kichi were also “nice” and envied, “I wanted to hear the reason of the name very much,” he said.

Sano said that she adores such innocent Hongo as her elder brother said, “There were not so many people to talk about on the scene, but when we gather in the interview we will talk a lot.” Sabbage (Survival game ) I told you that Hongo said “With a smiley face,” Sabagae leaping over the “black one side”, “it’s fun because you can shoot gunfire for the elders.”

Also, when it is revealed from the presenter that there is a LINE group called “Team Suka”, Hongo will be cloudy … …. When Hongo shows “I do not know,” he seems to be somewhat lonely, Sano follows “I just got to talk about it when there is no Koda-kun.” Suka also said, “I want to get in immediately, I will do it to the team Hongo”, Hongo said, “When parents are concerned about this article, I am worried about my parents.When I am 28 years old and Arasa, my mother said” I was wrapping up the tweet venue with a burst of laughter saying “I’m in love with you …”.

Finally, Sano said “From public disclosure, local friends, parents, school teachers, etc. said” I was good. “I think that those who can see it is a work that makes me feel a lot.” Powerfully appeal the movie. Hongo was also keen on the work of “It is a work that can be confirmed


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