Zaira Wasim came back on twitter and insta says I am just human just like everyone else

Actress Zaira Wasim has once again returned to Twitter and Instagram. She had recently tweeted on the locust attack in the country and after this she was trolled a lot. On this, he deleted his Twitter and Insta account.

Zaira Wasim tweeted on Saturday and said that I have come back because I am also a human being. Whenever the noise inside or around my head reaches a peak, I also need a break.

Zaira on her Twitter account on May 27 described the attack of locusts as the result of human deeds. After this tweet, some users on social media opened a front against him. #ZairaWasim started trending on Twitter. In fact, Zaira wrote, referring to a verse in the Quran, the religious book of Islam, “The attack of locusts or the disasters which are coming all over the world are the fruits of all human bad deeds”. Zaira called the locust attack a havoc of God. Zaira’s tweet was so bad that some people put a class on Zaira’s social media. Seeing the escalation, Zaira first deleted that tweet and then deleted his Instagram and Twitter account.

Actress Zaira Wasim, who has said goodbye to the film world, has made a comeback on social media once again. Recently, he faced trolls on social media due to one of his tweets, after which Zaira Wasim deleted his social media account. Now she has made a comeback as well as why she left social media. 

Actually, when Zaira Wasim deleted the social media account, a social media user wrote on Twitter, why did he delete his account? The actress responded to this user’s tweet and said that she is also a human being and she too needs to make a break and distance from everything. 

Zaira Wasim wrote in her tweet, ‘I have come back because I am also a human being. I also sometimes need to make a break or a distance when some things get excessive ‘. It is worth noting that in the past, ‘Dangal Girl’ Zaira Wasim had on social media described the attacks of locusts in India as a warning and the fruits of human actions. He said this through Twitter.

Zaira Wasim, referring to a verse of the Quran on his Twitter, wrote that the recent disasters, including the havoc of locusts, have been seen in recent times, all of this is the result of evil deeds of human beings. In his tweet, Zaira had also mentioned some disasters, but he faced trolls after his tweet. 

Zaira Wasim deleted this tweet after people trolled continuously. Along with this, he also deleted his own Twitter and Instagram account. Let us tell you that in the year 2019, Zaira Wasim announced to leave the film world. Her last film was The Sky Is Pink with Priyanka Chopra.

Actress Zaira Wasim has now distanced herself from the film world, but her statements and her ideology keep her in the spotlight. The actress recently tweeted a tidbit attack released in the country. Due to that tweet, he faced a lot of trolls and later Zaira also deleted his Twitter account.

But now Zaira Wasim has come on Twitter once again. They have reactivated their account. Now a user asked Zaira why she is back on Twitter. Zaira’s direct answer to this question is that he is also a human being. She writes – I have come back because I am also a human being. I also sometimes need to make a break or distance when some things get excessive.

Zaira Wasim had actually said that humans were responsible for grasshopper attack. He said in a tweet that this attack of locusts is the result of evil deeds of humans. Zaira’s tweet did not appeal to the people and they were trolled fiercely. Although her supporters tried their best to protect the actress, but Zaira thought it good to say goodbye to social media for some time.

Zaira Wasim had decided to quit her film career in 2019. At that time, many people had questioned his decision, but Zaira stayed on her decision and changed her path forever.


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