The year 2020 is creating trouble in front of people one by one. Locusts coming from Pakistan have now become a new problem for people battling the corona virus epidemic. Locusts have entered lakhs of crores in many states of India including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. These have not only become a nuisance for the farmers, but they have also become disturbed after seeing the swarm of grasshoppers in lakhs.

News of the attack of grasshoppers is trending on social media at the moment. People are advising to avoid it differently, fleece it and beware of it, but amidst all these disturbing news, former Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim made a tweet that further infuriated people.

Zaira Wasim compared the attack of locusts to the havoc of Allah. In his tweet, he wrote a verse from Kurana describing these attacks as warnings and the wrath of Allah. In this tweet by Zaira, she came under target of people and people trolled her fiercely. People raged fiercely. People have even said that it is forbidden to use Twitter in Islam, then they should leave Twitter.

After all this ruckus, Zaira has left the tweeter for the moment. Yes, Zaira Wasim has deleted her Twitter account. However, they have done this forever or only for some time, it will tell the time to come.

Locusts have caused panic in many parts of the country. After Rajasthan, locusts have now entered Maharashtra via Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana. In such a situation, the locust’s havoc actress Zaira Wasim has also said her words. Zaira Wasim, who has said goodbye to acting by citing Islam, has called the attack of locusts in the country the havoc of the proud people. Zaira wrote this on social media on Wednesday. Zaira Wasim, who started her career with Bollywood actor Aamir Khan’s film Dangal, made a deep impression of her acting in a very short time.

Shortly before, Zaira has said goodbye to acting. But even after saying goodbye to acting, she keeps sharing posts on social media. Recently Zaira has once again made headlines by sharing a post on social media. Zaira wrote, “So we sent floods on them, and sent grasshoppers, and sent lice, eagles, and frogs, sent blood: These are warnings that are self-explanatory: but they were all deeply immersed in their ignorance – people who are sinners.

”Most netizens on Twitter took to Zaira Wasim for his comments. People raised the question that when millions of farmers are upset due to these locusts and their crop is getting spoiled, what is the meaning of this tweet at that time? A user has asked Zaira that tweeting is forbidden in Islam … Zaira wasim to This tweeting has become heavy on itself, so the actress has to compel to delete her tweet. Now this tweet of Zaira is not present in his page.

Zaira was last seen in Wasim’s film The Sky is Pink. But even before the release of this film, the actress suddenly distanced herself from the film industry on social media citing Islam. Zaira Wasim was the target of many people even after this decision. Usually, grasshopper teams arrive in the scheduled desert region of India via Pakistan with the arrival of monsoon in the month of June / July. But this year it has come ahead of time.
In 2020, one difficult situation after another is emerging. Locusts from Pakistan are now a new problem for those fighting the corona virus. Millions of locusts have entered many states in India, including Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. This has not only become a nuisance for the farmers, but also the government has been upset by the numerous locusts. Locust news is currently trending on social media. The locusts have almost conquered North India and are now moving towards Maharashtra. People are advising them to escape from it in different ways. In all this, former Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim tweeted that there is no limit to people’s anger. Zaira, who made her mark in films like ‘Dangal’ and ‘Secret Superstar’, has already left Bollywood. (Locusts Seen in Mumbai ?: Mumbai is not in danger of locusts; Fake photos and videos going viral, BMC explains )

Zaira tried to support the locust attack by sharing a verse from the Quran. Which infuriated the users and they started trolling her. Zaire then deleted the tweet. See user reactions to Zaire’s tweet Zaira suddenly distanced herself from the film industry on social media, citing Islam ahead of the release of her last film, The Sky Is Pink. Zaire’s decision was criticized by many.


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