Zareene Khan used to work in call center for family expenses also faced casting couch

It is very difficult to make a place in Bollywood and to reach the lead character of films, it is very difficult. The stories of the struggles of many actors in Bollywood are inspiring, as they have made their way into Bollywood by walking on a difficult path. The same list also includes the name of Bollywood actress Zarine Khan, who has made a place in films, facing the financial crisis.

Recently, Zareen Khan told Pinkvilla in an interview that after his father’s demise, he had only his mother and sister in his house. Zarine Khan then took over his family and also exposed the economic woes. She was accompanied by her mother Parveen Khan in this interview. His mother also spoke about Zarin’s struggle. During this time, Emotional Zarin told with full eyes the day her father passed away.

He told that day he explained to his mother and said that everything would be alright. After that he started working hard. She initially worked in a call center for the family and her sister was studying until she passed 12th. After this, he worked hard and achieved success. Today, even though Zareen Khan is included in the top actress, she faced a lot of difficulties in the film world.

Hate Story-2 star revealed that she has also faced casting couches during this time. He told that recently a director asked him for the kissing scene again. The director himself asked for a kissing scene practice. Apart from this, Zarine took a bold life and stepped forward and faced many difficulties.

Who does not know Bollywood actress Zarine Khan. Zarine Khan, who started her career with Salman Khan, is a well-known Bollywood actress. Zarine Khan made her Bollywood debut with Salman Khan in the movie Veer. Zarine Khan was also given more notice in the film as she seems to be very much towards Katrini Kaif. Salman Khan also launched Aishwarya Rai’s lookalike Sneha Ullal earlier.

A lot of talk was also made in the industry about Zarine Khan. Salman Khan and Zarine were also added together, but Zarine Khan has always given his career credit to Salman Khan, ignoring all these things. Zarine says that I did not believe at the beginning that I was working with Salman Khan. Salman was always seen in Veer’s set. I used to feel like a dream. It is because of Salman Khan that I got recognition in Bollywood.

Zarine Khan has worked in films like Veer, Hate Story 3, Housefull 2, 1921. Apart from this, Zarine Khan is also very active in Punjabi and Tamil films. Zarine Khan had told in a special conversation that she wanted to become a doctor before becoming a Bollywood actress.

Recalling her struggle days, Zarine had said that she was studying in school but the condition of the house was very bad due to which I had to leave my studies and work in a call center. I also used to do modeling while working in a call center. Zarine stepped into Bollywood at the age of 23, after which she did not look back. Zarine does not have films these days but she does music albums. Apart from this, she is also very active on social media.

Zarine Khan stole everyone’s heart by becoming the princess of ‘Veer’. Even today people are seen praising his heroic film. His smile ignores the lovers hiding behind this smile many times. But his fans are aware of his every pain, every struggle. But one anecdote of his life which is related to his father is still hidden from the people.

Today we will tell you the story of Zarine’s life when the father’s shadow rose from his head but he did not give up, handling his entire family like a responsible daughter.

In fact, during an interview, he told that his father had left him. He said ‘One evening something happened that our life completely changed. My father left home and left. We had no money because we were not from a family that inherited a lot of wealth. “That night we were together. During that time, suddenly the mother became very emotional and started crying. I tried to calm them down and said there was nothing to worry about.

She further says “I said I will handle everything.” Now I had spoken, but at that time my weight was 100 kg and I did not even know what I wanted to do. ‘Then I started working in the call center. My sister was studying At that time, I completed 12th class. “I wanted to work in the airline. I lost my 52 kg weight. So much weight that I almost separated a human from myself. But I am very happy today, my mother feels good that we faced this situation firmly.

He then ventured into films. He has great respect for Salman Khan. He had said, ‘I always used to watch them. I could not believe that I was working with him. ” Not only Bollywood, Zarine is entertaining people with Punjabi films these days.


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